Life after a Car Accident

Born in a traditional family

Muniba Mazari was born in traditional family.  She loved painting since she was a child.  However, her parents wanted her to be an housewife, so she got married when she was 18.  This was never a happy marriage.

A severe Car Accident

After 2 years of marriage, she met a car accident which changed her forever.  She was paralyzed and unable to walk.   With painting and strong will, she then recover and started to make her own life.  That accident didn’t just change her body, but also transformed her soul.

She joined the TV in the Pakistan.  She was featured in BBC 100 women for 2015, one  of the Forbes 30 under 30  for 2016.  Also, she became national goodwill ambassador for  UN Women Pakistan and spoke for the rights of woman and children.  She is now known as “Iron Lady of Pakistan”.

She encourages us to accept the way we are, and the purpose of life should be helping other people.

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