Burn Victim to World Class Athlete

Burn Accident

Colin O’Brady was an active kid.  About 10 years ago, he was attracted to a fire dancing, which led to a burn accident.  His legs were wrapped by the rope and it ignited his body.  He was  severely burned.  The Doctor said he may not be able to walk again and he lost hope.

One Step at A Time

When he was in the hospital, his mother, like an angel, took care of him and encouraged him to dream big even in this ordeal.

She guided Colin on how to achieving the goals one step at a time.  Dream big but focus on a small goal.  Colin was then able to step out of his wheelchair and walk, and later run.  Colin decided to join a triathlon after his recovery.  He didn’t just join the competition but won it.

World Class Athlete

From a burn victim to a professional athlete; from a triathlete to an extreme climber and adventurer.  He loves to pushing his limit.  He created BEYONE 7/2, conquering the seven summits and created couples of world records.

He believes that everyone has limitless potential.  As long as we set big goals and working towards them one step at a time, we can accomplish great things.  He spreads this idea by coaching other teenagers in the communities, hoping everyone can fulfil their potentials as well.

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