A Deaf Singer


Losing all the hearings

Mandy Harvey has been always loving music and singing.  At the age of 18, she got a disease that cause her deafness.  That was the most scariest thing happened to her life.  Neither could she listen to music nor hear the voice of her parents.  Her life turned gray.

She depressed for such a long time until one day, she realized she still get a choice to keep moving forward.  She worked up her courage to face the challenges and get back to music.  After years of struggling and fighting, she showed up in the biggest talent show “America Got Talent”.

Inspiring and Touching

Her beautiful voice along with her inspiring story touched everyone.  The judge Simon Cowell pressed the “Golden Buzzer” for her.  Her life changed so much better since then and later on she got a pretty good result in the competition.

She turns her life story into her audition song “Try”.  She understands that there is no one to blame, and the only thing standing her way is herself.  She believes that she will get through all these as long as she keeps trying.

The world is amazed by the impossible fact that a person who has been losing her hearings for 10 year can sing beautifully.  Her voice and story encourages everyone and proves that “impossible is nothing”.

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