Workout in Winter | No More Excuses!

Winter is here.  When we workout,

  • We should spend more time on warm-up.
  • For those who do outdoor workout, keep your body warm.
  • For some sort training require long rest time, like Strength training/ Skill Training, make sure you keep active in the rest time to avoid cooling down.


These are not what we want to discuss today tough.  Today, I gonna share with you the mindset for working out in Winter.


As we all know, because of the cold in Winter, our physical status is a bit off, including our Passion, Motive & Spirit.  So yes, it is harder to workout in Winter.  But I don’t think it is a disadvantage,  But an advantage instead. Why?


Because doing a hard thing under a bad circumstance will enhance our Mental Strength and Willpower.  Known that good conditions and circumstance will not always last,  the best way is not to wait for good conditions, but to develop an ability that

No matter what circumstance, how bad it is, we still find a way to do it.


For Fitness Training, if cold weather, raining days will impede you from working out.  Then, there will be a lot more reasons to stop you.  So, you can probably predict your result in Fitness.


We have spent all these time & effort in Fitness Training,  Not just because the physical appearance we desired.  Instead, there will be much more mental/other benefits including Mental Toughness, Self-Discipline & Health etc.


So, if your goal is just show off in Summer time.  Then, you can again predict how far can you go in your Fitness journey.  Physique, Health & Mental Toughness are not periodic materials that posses for a short period of time, but a lifetime property .


Fitness Training is just a tool to help us to achieve the above.  So, under the unfavourable circumstance like Cold Weather in Winter is just another opportunity for us to train ourselves.  No More Excuse!  Develop a Stronger Mind and Discipline.  Besides, most guys are sane (lazy as well)  If you can go to the gym in unfavourable conditions,  you already half way there.  The other half is just an extra time & effort.


BTW, remind you all there will be less people in the gym in Winter.  You might not need to wait for the machines/benches.  That’s is good for you to train.

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