Upper Body Workout – Chest & Back in 30min!

Today, I will show a you simple workout that can be done in 20-30 min and train your Chest and Back.  This workout is mainly composed of Bodyweight exercises.  But if you train in the gym, you can use other alternatives.  I will show you some examples.  This workout is designed for those who don’t have much time to train.  They can train the major muscle groups in a short period of time.  Training major large muscles groups can also benefits the small muscle groups as well.  It aims to keep your body shape and strength with use of short duration training sessions.  But shorter time doesn’t mean easier.


#1 Wide-Grip Pull Up + Push Up

  • First, our training is composed of 3 sets of Supersets.  First one:  Wide-Grip Pull Up & Push Up.  Wide-Grip Pull Up: 8-12 reps.  Regular tempo.  Chest out and shoulder depressed.  Extend your arms fully at the bottom.  Don’t let momentum get into your way.  No Swinging.  You can’t do Pull up, and you are training in the gym, just do Lat Pull Down instead.
  • When you are done, do Push Up immediately.  15 reps for Push Up.  This is the Push Up for Chest version.  Try to push towards the inner chest.  I have a video dedicated to teach the details.  Try slow tempo and pause at the top.  The details can be found in that video.  This one will be harder than regular Push Up, but better stimulation for the Chest.  If you need a detailed tutorial, please re-watch that video.  I you don’t want to do Push Up in the gym, just do Machine Chest Press instead.

1.5-2min Rest between sets.  Do 4 total sets.


#2 Pull Up + Diamond Push Up

  • The second superset:  Regular Pull Up: 6-10 reps.  Since the previous Pull up has consumed you a lot.  You can’t do that much at this moment because you are tired, the stamina will drop.  Hopefully 6 reps or so.  If you can’t pull up, just do Lat Pull Down instead.
  • Once you have done with the Regular Pull Up, do Diamond Push Up immediately.  15 reps.  When doing Diamond Push UP, if you palms are close but your elbow hurts,  You can separate them a little bit.  Try to keep your joint safe and healthy.  Pause at the top if possible and feel the contraction of your Chest.

Do 4 sets with 1.5-2 min Rest in between.  You may feel tired during this superset, fatigue and sore, but we need to endure them.  If you really cannot handle, just adjust your Rest time.


#3 Dips + Australian Pull Up

  • The third superset:  Dips and Australian Pull Up.  Dips: 12-15 reps.  Since we are focusing on the Chest, our upper body should lean forward, tighten your lower core, Chest Out,  For better stimulation of (lower) Chest.  For elbow angle of Dips, just reach around 90°.  You shouldn’t reach so low.  Because too low can cause your shoulder internal rotation,  pain and injured.  So 90° is good enough.
  • Do Australian Pull up immediately after so.  Do the one with pronated Grip with Shoulder Width.  12-15 reps.  Keep your Chest Out and Shoulder Retracted.  You can replace it with seated Row in the gym.  Chest out will emphasise the contraction of retraction.

Do 4 sets with 1.5 min Rest in between.  At this point, you should feel fatigue, but just try to finish it.


You can find that the exercises not less with that duration.  Since the supersets can reduce the Rest time, thus the training duration can be shorten and train more muscle with more stimulation.  It can compensate those who cannot workout for 1 hr+.  Is it workout intense?  Not really.  But at least it can keep your shape.  If you are beginner/intermediate, this workout can make you gain.

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