Tuck Lever Raise Tutorial – Before Learning Advanced Exercises

To do some of the hard exercises, Like this one, This one, This one, This one, This one etc.  Many of these are related to your pull and core strength.  Today, we are going to learn how to use the pull and core simultaneously.  The basic exercise for this is called Tuck Lever Raise.  This is one of the basic progression for Front Lever.  Let’s take a look on the exercise execution.


Tuck Lever Raise

In fact, this exercise is of similar motion Cable Straight Arm Pullover that we do in the gym.  Both using the strength of our back and core.  This one may take a little bit more core than Straight Arm Pullover.


Exercise Execution

Let’s look at the form.  When we are hanging on the bar, use back strength then later core strength to pull over upper body to our chest.  At the top, your upper body should be parallel to the ground.  Then come down slowly.


Incorrect Execution

Let’s look the incorrect form.

  • For example: Not Full Range of Motion.  Like, the hip is way below your shoulder level.
  • Another one is that your neck is not tucked.  It is not good for neck, please tuck your chin.
  • Another common one is the bending arm.  Bending arm will cause more involvement of Biceps and Forearm, consuming more energy.  This is not completely wrong, but yet, not recommended.  The proper form should be straight arm.  It can eliminates the involvement of your arm.

Let’s take one more look at the correct form.


Training Methods

Now, let’s take a look on how to practice this move.  First, you need to have basic strength requirement.  Two types of exercises you should be training.


Pulling Strength

First: Pulling.  Includes all back exercises, like Pull Up, are good exercises.  If you are able to do Pull Up, then do more Pull up.  If you can’t do one rep, please do Australian Pull, Back machine exercises, like Lat Pull Down, Row etc.


Hanging Abs Strength

Second ones are Hanging Leg Raise/Knee Raise.  These moves train your grip, Core and abs.


When you can do both of exercises for 8-10 reps.  You are more then enough to do the Tuck Lever Raise.

Tuck Lever Raise Practice

Now, it’s time to practice the real Tuck Lever Raise by putting both strength together.

  • At the beginning, you may find it difficult for just 1-2 reps.  But after you have practice it enough times, few reps are not hard.
  • By the way, you can use isometric hold for training as well.  Holding at the top of the movement for seconds will also help to learn this move.
  • If you can’t pull to the over, some help from momentum or friends would be a good choice.  Especially when you first practice this move with no idea how to do.


As long as few more practice, you will be able to learn how to do.  Take a weeks at maximum, you will be able to master this move.  By doing 5 reps or more, you have mastered it by definition.


If you are capable and willing to learn the harder move, like Front Lever, Back Lever, Skin to cat or other abs exercise, this Tuck Lever Raise is the basic and fundamental exercise to learn first.  Meanwhile, it is a good exercise for your back and core, You can add it to your routine.


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