True Rest – You’re NOT DOING!

Rest is the topic I would like to share today.  As we all know, Rest is very important in Fitness.  It helps muscle recovery and growth.  Lacking/Not enough Rest will easily cause overtraining,  Affecting your status, muscle growth, and even worse, overuse injury.  So, we should rest at least 1-2 days after training this group of muscle.  Some, like Legs, may need more (longer) rest. But we are not going to discuss it in detail.  Instead, what is a Real Rest.


Personally, sometimes, I will rest more for better recovery of injuries.  And yet, no matter how many days I rest, it doesn’t quite make a difference.  Sleep more without doing anything, watching TV/ episodes etc.  This kind of Rest doesn’t make me feel better.


Even if I do Active Recovery stuff, like jogging/aerobic ex. for more blood flow.  Still nothing significant seems to work.


So I wonder, whether it is a matter of quantity or quality?


Sometimes, I don’t feel difference with no rest for weeks.  Which make me confirm it is a matter of quality.  Meaning

  • The quality of our sleep,
  • The stress level of our life.


I have heard a former Navy SEAL/ultra endurance athlete sharing his story about how overtraining & overwhelming life cause damage to his body.  Long year of hardcore training make him some muscle (Psoas muscle) extremely tight.  Meanwhile, his crazy stressing life.  Keep him constantly under a Fight-or-Flight mode (response).  Stress hormone, Adrenaline level is so high, and eventually one day, take over him.



Applying this story to normal people like us.  Though we train very often, but our intensity/volume is much lower, the chances of overtraining is not that high.


But, our daily life, living in an overwhelming society.  The stress from the society/social/family are huge.  Chances are we stay nervous/tight all the time.  Adrenaline level is constantly high.


Now, take a look over your Traps/neck muscle/Hip Flexor,  are they tight?

If so, chances are you are not relaxing completely.  Meaning, the rest you are taking is not high-quality.


The one so-called “Rest” is just not training,  Which doesn’t mean you let your muscle, nerve rest.  Meaning, the rest you are taking is low-quality.  This will cause some negative feedback in a long term.


So, how to Rest properly?

I don’t know either.


The common ways are doing the things you like to do, making you feel relaxed and happy.  If you have really tight muscle, stretching/Yoga is recommended to stretch your muscle & joint.  For Fitness guys like us tend to have tight body.  Stretching is advised.


Additionally, The Real Rest should be taken without any bothering from outside.  If you are taking a rest, but replying phone calls, emails, whatsapp/mssages.  Meaning that you are not resting properly.  If you are that easy reachable guys, then turning off your phone.  Then, you can have a “Real Rest”.


Don’t forget, Rest is not just physically, but also mentally.  Your body & mind is connected deeply.  If one falls,  The other will falls as well.  From my experience, the pain from old injuries will amplify when you are stressed out.  So, arrange some rest time for your mind/soul as well.  Recharge yourself.

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