Triceps Training – 3 Bodyweight Exercises

Today, we will discuss 3 bodyweight exercises for Triceps.  There are 3 types of exercises.

  • One is isolation exercise like Tricep Extension.
  • Second is pressing exercise like Push Up, Bench Press, Shoulder Press.
  • Third is isometric holding exercise.


#1 Tricep Extension

This is an isolation exercise for Triceps.  This one is not easy and there is a risk of injury.  Proper warm up is needed for this exercise.  And adjust the difficulty based on your level.


Range of Motion

You can adjust it by range of motion (ROM), different height of bars & hand positions.  Half range of motion is safer but less overload to the muscle.  The wider the range of motion, the better the overload,  but also increases the risk of injury.

Compare these two ranges of motions:

  • Half ROM is safer and it is good for beginners or warm up
  • Full ROM provides better overload to the muscle but be caution about the risk.


Height of Bars

You can do the exercise with different height level of bars.

  • The higher the bar, the easier.
  • The lower the bar, the harder & the better the overload.

Compare different height levels.


Hand Placement

Floor version: Hand positions determines the difficulty.

  • The higher the hand placed, the easier.
  • The lowest the hand placed, the harder and the better the overload, as well as the risk of injury.


It is advised that 1-2 warm up sets are needed.  Slowly increase the range of motions.  If you hit a certain range, the elbow point (Triceps) hurts or some sounds pop up.  Then you must listen to your body.  Do not force yourself.  Lower the range of motion could be a better choice.  There are tons of exercises for Triceps.  Never risk that one for all.


#2 Pressing Exercise

Pressing Exercises can train your chest, front deltoid and Triceps.  To maximise the Triceps, hand placement is the key.


Push Ups

Close/Narrow Grip or Diamond Push Ups are recommended.  Your hands should stick close to the body and the elbow should point backward.  Knee Push Up is the easier progression.



  • Chest Dips: Wider bar separation, upper body lean forward.
  • Tricep Dips, Narrower bar separation, upper body stay upright and elbow point backward.

Tricep Dips is a bit harder and you should not go too low.  Go how low should be based to your strength level.  The lower, the harder & the higher risk of injury.  Bench Dips are the easier progression.



#3 Lean Back Hold

This targets the peak contraction.  Hold your arms straight in a parallel bar.  Shoulder depressed and squeeze your triceps as much as possible.  Upper body leans backward while keep your body as a straight line.  Tighten your core muscles and hold. Feel the Tricep contraction.  The more backward you lean, the harder. Try your best.  This exercise is not easy.  Triceps can be squeezed fully.


You can perform this exercise on floor with different variations.


Notes on Training

Finally, some notes on Tricep Training.  If you have an independent session for Tricep, then 1 session is enough  as you will train your Triceps in Chest & Shoulder days as well.  Base on your level, probably do 3-5 exercises with 3-4 sets.  1-2 min Rest.

If you train your triceps in Push Day/ Chest Day,  You can arrange 2-3 Tricep Exercises at the end of workout.


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