Training Split Basic- How to Arrange your Training Schedule?

How to arrange your workout schedule?We must know the followings:

  1. Goal
  2. Time to train
  3. Your current level.


#1 Goal

Your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, gain strength, learn Calisthenics Skill?  To better arrange your training split, you better have a SINGLE goal.  Of course, you can have multiple goals spontaneously.  One is primary goal whereas others are just secondary.


For instance, you primary goal is to build muscle.  Meanwhile, you have other side goals like you want to learn Handstand.  Our training split should be based on our goal.

#2 Your schedule/time to train.

How how much will you spend on training?  How many days a week?  How many hours per time?  This is important.  Logically, the more time you spend, the better result.  However,


#3 Your Current Level

For a beginner, it don’t mean training more will get better result.  Because time is required for muscle and joints to recover.  Meaning you should not train more than your body can endure.

  • For advanced, you can probably train more.
  • For novice, you should not train that much.


A good training split should fulfill the above 3 points.


Principles for Training Split

Now, I will advise a few principles for you.


#1 Training Frequency

  • For beginners, large muscle group at least 1 time/week.  Large muscle groups include: Chest, Back, Legs.
  • For Advanced, each body part at least 1 time/week.  Apart from Chest/Back/Legs,  Arm Biceps/Triceps, Shoulder (Front/Mid/Rear Deltoid), Calf are also needed.
  • If you have extra day, train twice/+ for your weak spot, where rest days should be added in between.
  • If you want to increase strength for particular exercise, train it 1-2 times at least.
  • Skill training, like Handstand, should be at least 2 times/week.


#2 Rest

Your muscle/joints should be almost fully recovered each time.  We should be fresh every time, so that we can perform the best and push ourselves.  If training schedule is too highly packed,  your muscle and joints cannot be fully recovered,  then overtraining could occur, resulting in step back.  Also increase the chances of injuries/over-used injuries.  So we must observe our body when we plan our training schedule.


If you want some rules to follows:

  • Don’t train the same muscle in consecutive days.
  • Rest at least 2-3 days after leg day.


#3 Avoid Injured Spot

  • If you are injured and it still hurts, then you should not train.
  • If it is just a slight discomfort/pain,  then you should avoid heavy weights

Ensure proper warm up and stretching after working out.


Training Split

Now, some common training split will be introduced to you.

#1 Full Body Split

Each time train your whole body.  It suits beginners as combined both upper and lower body, the stimulation is spread to different muscle groups.  So that it will not be too intense for each muscle group.

#2 Upper/Lower Split

Train Upper Body or Upper Body per day.  This suits all level.


#3 Body Part/ Bro Split

Includes Chest/Back/Shoulder/Leg/Arm Day.  Each day ONE muscle group.  This is the old school/traditional way.  Focus on ONE part only each time to maximise the stimulation.

The downside of it is that It takes 4-5 days for a cycle.  It is not suitable for beginner as it is too intense for ONE muscle group as a beginner level.  So, this split should only be suitable for intermediate and advanced.

# Push/Pull/Leg

3 days as a cycle.

  • Push:  Chest, Front Deltoid, Triceps.
  • Pull: Back, Biceps, Rear Deltoid.
  • Leg: Lower body.

The advantage of this split is that it trains the related muscle groups in the same day.  Like Chest and Triceps belong to one Pushing chain.  When you finish the chest workout, your triceps should be also stimulated a bit, now add few more exercises for Triceps to emphasise its stimulation.


  • If you train 6 days/week,  You can use this split for two rounds a week.  When you train more often, you shall get better result.
  • If you are just a beginner, 3 times/week (Alternate day training) is good enough.  Only advanced lifters should train two round/week.

Nowadays, Push/Pull/Leg become more popular.


However, all the above are just reference.  You should arrange your workout program base on your goal, level, schedule.  You should not strictly follow,  I don’t neither.


As you can notice,  the above doesn’t mention any strength/skill training.  Thus, it may be not suitable for you.  To make a best training split/program, you should always know your goal,  ability to recover,  And be flexible.  After all, our daily schedule varies from time to time,  We may not be able to stick to the program completely.  So you must learn to be flexible, adjust accordingly,  and plan your own training split/program.

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