The Best Time for Training – Morning vs Evening?

If we can choose when to train, Morning or Evening will be better?  First, I mean:

  • Morning: AM – Noon.
  • Evening: PM – Night.

There are studies show that training in the evening will be better.  The muscle and strength gains will be slightly better than Morning.  In other words, if you can choose.  Choose Evening.  You will get a slight better result.


Evening Training

But considering other factors like we all have to go to work/school,  which left us no choice.  We can only go the gym whenever our schedule fits.  Meaning: Most people have to go to the gym after working.  Though the studies show Training in the evening is slightly better,  but after a day of Working, most people find it difficult to workout with full concentration, resulting a bit worse performance in the training,  Thus, less result.  And also, there may be too crowded in the gym in the evening,  which definitely have an impact on your training.  Like the Machine/Dumbbells/Benches are occupied all the time will jeopardise your training routine, or making you wait a longer time.


The above reason will definitely hinder your result.  To avoid this scenario, some people will rather wake up early to train before going to work/school.


Morning Training

Waking up early is not that easy.  Most people go to sleep late and wake up late.  If you go to sleep late, but wake up early.  You may experienced tired/dizziness, which also harm your training.  I had similar experience where I felt weak and tired, and just can’t perform the best.  But I am quite certain that the sudden change of training time/schedule definitely requires time for our body to adapt.  The above symptoms are just temporary.  Once you can hold on several weeks, you will not feel the difference any more.  Human is most the adaptive species.  As long as you stick it for a while for your body to adjust and adapt.  You’ll be fine.  To let your body to adjust, you need a consistent signal,


Aka. Regular training time.  In other words,  If you sometimes train in the morning/ sometimes noon, sometimes night, your body doesn’t know which one is the one.  Then your performance will be quite fluctuate.  Sometimes good and you feel powerful.  Sometimes bad and you feel tired.  So a regular training schedule time will be beneficial to your body, Making your training more effective.  As to which one: AM/PM/Night, is entirely dependent on work/lifestyle/rest time.


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