The Best Exercise to Lose Fat & See Your Abs Definition – Not What Your Expected!

The most effective way to lose fat and see your abs is not doing Abs ex, But Rather, doing exercises for fat loss, Aka. Cardio ex.  Apart from Cardio like jogging, swimming,  Another common one is HIIT.  Today, I will share with you one simple but effective training that if you can do it continuously everyday, you can lose a lot of fat in a short period of time.  This workout is very simple.  That consists only ONE ex, i.e. Burpee.



Burpee is effective because it involves all the large muscle groups and its range of motion is huge, resulting more calorie burned and more Cardiovascular function.  This exercise has a lot of variations.  For beginner,  Do the basic one for at least 6 sets with 12-15 reps.  Rest ~1 min.  If you find it too difficult and cannot recover, lease adjust the rest time accordingly.  But if you find it too easy, we have different ways to make it harder.  Some ways include:


#1 Increase the speed

Do it faster.

#2 Increase the range of motion.

Like jumper higher, raise higher etc.


#3 More intense variation.

  • Like Burpee with push up.
  • Do push up when you at bottom and then jump again.  You can also jump higher and hold your knee, which is more explosive.
  • You can also try Sidekick Burpee which requires more coordination and balance.


These moves make it much harder.  You can also use your creativity as well to care new variation.  Depends on how difficult the move is, you can adjust the Sets/Reps.  Basically, I recommend 6-10+ sets.  And depends on how determined you are,  This workout should be executed at least 3 times/week.  If you want faster result,  Do it daily.  Each time 20-30 minutes.

  • Advanced trainees can have a shorter rest time.
  • Beginner should have a longer rest time.

Do not force it.  Both body and cardiovascular function will get tired,  Sweating is guaranteed.  This is completely normal & fine.


Why this workout works?

Apart from the calorie burned,  It is a form of HIIT.  HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training, means: Perform a set of High intensity ex, follow by a low intensity ex.  Repeat for couples rounds.  The low intensity one can be lower intensity ex or just rest.  Then back to high intensity ex again.  It depends on how high intensity the HIGH one, If it is very strenuous, The the LOW one should be much lower intensity and with more time,  So that it can recover a little bit more,  For you to face the next round HIGH one.  So, we should at least do several round of HIGH ones for us to burn more calorie and train our cardiovascular function. Other example:  Sprinting/Running 1 min, Then jogging 2 min.


High Intensity exercise make us tired and demands more Oxygen.  After the workout, there is something called EPOC to burn extra more calorie.


Moreover, exercises like Burpee requires no equipment nor venue.  You can do this at home to save more time & energy of traveling.  What’s more, it trains the cardiovascular function which will benefit our overall performance in sports/Fitness.  So, the way to lose fat / cardiovascular endurance is very simple.  Just ONE exercise.  It is simple, but doesn’t mean it is easy, Because it is quite demanding and needs perseverance & self-discipline for you to see your result.


Note that, a visible abs cannot have too high body fat %.  In other way, if you want to see your abs, Losing fat is the best way.  Losing fat cannot be done by Exercising + Nutrition + Rest


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