Supplement 101 – Protein & BCAA for Muscle Building

Today I will briefly introduce you about supplements.  Three supplements including Whey Protein, Weight Gainer and BCAA.  The most common and most purchased supplement is whey protein.   Because protein plays an important role in muscle growth and repair.   And the protein we get in our daily diet is generally not enough to allow our muscles grow in large quantities.   So many people start with supplements,  buying whey protein to replenish the demand for protein.


Whey Protein

Whey Protein can improve the quality and strength of our muscles and also can promote muscle recovery.  Different people have different needs for protein.  For those who want to gain muscle, the optimal daily protein intake is about

Each pound of body weight multiplied by 1 gram of protein.

If you want to reach this huge number, Whey protein is a good helper.   So what exactly is whey protein?


In fact, whey protein is a mixture extracted from milk.  Because of its high protein purity and fast absorption.   People use it as a supplement.  Let people who need more protein purchase it.   The protein powder we saw in the workshop can be divided into several categories.  There are Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate and Casein Protein.  You can refer to this chart.


The difference between the first three lies in the purity and concentration of whey protein.  The higher the concentration, the more expensive is it.  As for casein, it ’s a little different.  Normal whey protein is absorbed relatively quickly,  which usually used before or after training.   However,casein protein is absorbed more slowly, which suitable for drinking before going to bed.  Let us have enough protein and nutrition while sleeping, and helps muscle recovery.


Generally speaking, the protein content and concentration of these protein powders are relatively high.   But the calories are not very high.  The ratio of carbohydrates and fat will also decrease.  So the extra calories caused by drinking whey protein are not very high, so it won’t make you fatter so easily.   In the same way, if you want to get a similar amount of protein in ordinary diet.  In fact, we will absorb more carbohydrates and fats, so the calories we absorb become much higher.  And the extra calories can easily make us fat.  Therefore, having whey protein is a common and convenient method to  let us ingest more protein.


Weight Gainer

In addition, there is a product called weight gain powder. Weight gain powder, as the name suggests,  Drinking it will increase your weight.  The difference between weight gain powder and whey protein is that, weight gain powder has much higher carbohydrate and fat content than whey protein, so a portion of weight gain powder will provide a lot of calories.  Weight Gainer is suitable for some lean people, who want to increase his weight in a short time.  Generally speaking, one serving of whey protein contains around more than 100 calories.  And one serving of weight gainer contains around few hundred or even a thousand calories  because of its large amount.  You can imagine, if our body can absorb so many extra calories,  weight gains very quickly.  Every coin has two sides.  Many people think that their weight gains quickly and their body size increases is because of muscle growth.  It is true that muscles will grow a lot, but at the same time,fat will also grow a lot.  So I ’m not particularly recommending everyone to drink weight gainer.  Unless you are a particularly thin person, I would recommend you to consider it.  There are also many people who have some concerns about supplements.


Side Effects

Are there any side effects?  Of course, some people don’t know how to utilize them appropriately.  Here I will mention some examples.  You can check the details online if necessary.  The most common error is that people who can’t drink milk, are also can’t have whey protein.   Drinking it may cause allergic reactions.  Some people have diarrhea after drinking.  If so, it means that these people are not suitable for drinking whey protein.  Or you can switch to another brand, or switch to a higher concentration of whey protein.  At least after drinking, if there are no obvious side effects, we shall continue to drink this protein powder.  Other points to pay attention are at this link in my profile.  Just for reference.



Next we will discuss BCAA, also known as branched chain amino acids. If you have studied biology, you will also know what amino acids are.  Amino acids are the main elements of protein.  Protein is composed of twenty amino acids.  And nine of them are essential amino acids.  “Essential” means that these amino acids need to be ingested in food,  but can’t produced by human body.   And three of these nine,  which are very helpful for our fitness muscle training,   are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.  These three add ups are called branched chain amino acids, or BCAA.


Branched-chain amino acids are claimed to increase and build muscle,  also help muscles recovery and reduce fatigue during exercise.  Although it seems to have many benefits, there are also many athletes and fitness people who like and have the habit of taking, in many scientific experiments and research has stated that compelling evidence can’t be provided to prove that this product is very helpful.   If you think about it carefully, branched-chain amino acids are actually proteins.   In other words, in our usual diet and whey protein, these three essential amino acids are also contained.  The products of branched-chain amino acids are only those that have been extracted and decomposed, which can make us absorb faster and easier.


To some who are in contact with Bodybuilding, branched-chain amino acids are usually taken during fat loss.  To help them maintain muscle mass, and deter the muscle from breaking down too much.  But is it really that effective?  This is in doubt.   I have heard many fitness people point out that the product claims more effects than it actually does.   If you don’t need it, you don’t have to buy it.  You may save some money.  If you have an extra budget, you can buy and try it out.  If you find it useful, you can continue to use it.  If it’s useless, you don’t have to buy it afterwards.



Finally, I will summarize the supplements introduced today, including Whey Protein,Casein,Weight Gainer and BCAA.  Personally, if you have enough protein in your diet, basically, you don’t need the four mentioned above.  But if you don’t have enough protein, whey protein would be the simplest option.  If you need to buy these supplements, you can have several options.

  • First, you can go to the supplement store nearby.
  • You can also buy online.  If you want a lower price, you can also buy it on MyProtein.  If you are interested, you can click the link below. Go to MyProtein’s website and purchase them.  On special days, using my promo code, special offers will be provided.
  • If you want to buy other brands.  iherb and amazon would be good places.

In addition, if you want to know which brand of product quality is better, Here is a website for your reference.  They have a score for supplements of different brands.

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