Some Advices for Starting your Fitness Journey

In every new year and summer vacation, many people would like to do the gym and cultivate the habit of exercising again.  Whether you are never exercised or want to re-enter the exercise, here are some suggestions for you.


1.  Purpose

First, clarify the purpose of your exercise or fitness.  Your purpose can be to gain muscle or lose weight.  Also, it can be improving the body function, cardiopulmonary function, endurance and joints.  There are various training methods for different targets.  The intensity, movements and frequency of training will all be different.

  • For example, if you want to build muscle, you will exercise 3-4 times a week and last for more than an hour at a time.  Also, you will do 4-5 moves and each move consists of around 4 sets.  The weight of training will be as heavy as possible.  You also need to pay attention to the details of each movement, even using some intensive techniques such as super sets, drop sets, some quick rise and slow fall.  and different angles to simulate the muscle.
  • If you are a person who want to lose weight, you spend most of your exercise time on aerobics.  Whether running, swimming or cycling or high-intensity interval training.  Weight training will only be part of the training but not the most important thing.
  • If your body function starts to deteriorate and you just want to Improve body performance by exercising and let the body function not fade away, then your training goals will be slightly different from regular fitness.  You may need to focus on the safety of your movements rather than study how to build muscle in most effectively ways. With low and medium intensity training, slowly build your muscles and joints and let the body functions will not gradually deteriorate.


So before you start your fitness and exercise, you have to understand what you really want to achieve through sports and fitness.  What is the goals?  After ascertaining this problem, you can effectively decide your training program.


2. Start From Small

The second point is to start with less intensity.  Whether you are tiro to sports, or you have already exercised but stopped for a while and wanting exercising again, you need to build up the habit and intensity of exercise slowly.  There is a old saying: More haste, less speed.  Sometimes because of the heat of three minutes, you will be very motivated to do it.  But as enthusiasm fades and no ideal results are seen, you will lose your motivation.  And this expected drop will make it harder for to insist.


I would advise everyone like this: If you are a person who has not exercised, First, you can watch more videos or articles about exercising to learn some basic knowledge.  Also you can go to the park or the gym you can easily reach to have some basic training first.  Develop your own habit of exercising and practice some basic movements and strengths.  Don’ t spend a lot of money on some fitness equipment or gym membership and fitness instructor classes when you are ambitious.  I am not saying these things are useless, but at this moment you may not need that.  When have established basic strength, knowledge and habits, you could consider whether to enter the gym or find a coach, etc.


3. Commitment

Another advice to give is finding out what kind of characteristic belong to when you just regained or started to exercise.  And understand how much resources and time you are willing to invest.  All goals require the corresponding price.  The price of doing exercise and fitness is unlimited time, mental effort and money expenditure.  Ask yourself how much time, energy and money you can contribute.  Your results depend on these factors.  Fitness or exercise is not a sprint trip.  Actually it is a long journey and takes years even a lifetime.  After reaching your ideal goals, You have to continue to work hard to maintain this goal. No matter your goal is a good body shape, a healthy body or achieving some difficult movements, it depends on how much you desire these goals and how much you are willing to pay for it.


Ask yourself:

Is it just for fun?  Have you promised yourself to do It?


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