One Exercise with Different Intensity to Boost Your Stamina & Explosiveness

Today I would like to teach you an action that can be performed at home and in the park.  This action can effectively exercise cardiopulmonary function, leg strength and bouncing strength.  And therefore keep ourselves strong and healthy.  This action is called Split Squat Jump.  I will teach you from the simplest version to the most difficult version.  You can choose the difficulty according to your ability and put it in your usual fitness routine.


Split Squat Jump Basics

Remember to understand how basic lunge works before you start doing it.  First of all, one foot in the front and one at the back.  There must also a certain distance between two feet.  Keep your upper body as straight as possible, then squat down and get up.  There must be a certain horizontal distance between two feet, and they can’t be completely close to each other.  Keep your front feet close to the ground and get up with your toes.  You can regard this as a warm-up and do it appropriately in about 8-10 reps.


When you are able to squat and get up steadily, you may try to switch the feet. Switch the feet after you finish, then switch to again.  When your moves are not yet proficient, you can slow down process to avoid the body imbalance.

When you perform well that your body can maintain the balance, you may try to speed up slightly and keep alternate the feet when jumping.  Remember to lower your body before jumping so that it is effective.  Do 20-30 reps on average, depending on your ability.


Common Mistakes

Before explaining the advanced version, let’s understand what common mistakes there are in detail.

  • The most common mistake is the instability that can’t balance the body when standing.  The way to improve is to practice more.  And try to use more core muscles to help you stabilize.  As for the position of the hand,there is no regulation,as long as you can balance the body.
  • Other common mistakes include hunchback, or the foreleg is not straight,which bend in or out.  There is also a chance that the feet are unstable.  So pay attention.You should point your toes forward as far as possible, and keep your knees in the same direction as well.
  • In addition,the knee should not be exceeded the toes too much, otherwise there will be an increased burden to the knee.
  • Another one is you didn’t lower the body before jumping.  This will reduce the difficulty of the movement.  Of course, if you are a beginner, you can utilize this method to reduce the difficulty of movement, and gradually lower the body to jump.  But if you are able in handling it already, remember to lower your body slightly before jumping, so that you can use more muscle strength.


Advanced Split Squat Jump Variations

The next version is more difficult.  It is suitable for who have better physical strength or want to challenge themselves.  It ’s more difficult that the danger will increase as well,so you have to make a consideration by yourself.


Higher Split Squat Jump

This version is to jump as hard as you can when doing Split Squat Jump.   Try to feel that you are high up in the air.  Be careful when you return to the ground, because after jumping highly,  the impact and rebound force is relatively become larger, and it is easy to sprain the feet.  So try to jump high gradually, don’t be too impatient.  After the body adapted to the feeling of landing, it is OK.


Split Squat Jump with kicks

If you think it is not challenging enough , we can make it harder.  Do a Split Squat Jump and kicking your hip.  The principle is the same, do a lunge and lower the body,jump hard,  and try to kick your feet towards your hips when jumping in the air.  You need to land in the former place,which is you don’t need to alternate the feet in the halfway.  Be careful when landing because most of the time, you will not be able to stand firmly and sprain your feet easily.  The difficulty of this movement will be increased, because it takes a certain amount of bouncing strength and physical strength to jump high, and kick your hips at the same time.  I’m not asking everyone to kick your hips very hard every time,but a approximation is acceptable.  Because if you try hard to kick, it means you have already use the strength when jumping.  This has reached the basic goal we want to accomplish.  This movement is very difficult, so you can practice slowly.  You don’t need to force yourself to do it.


Alternate Split Squat Jump with kicks

If you can complete it, congratulations, you can challenge the next difficulty.  The most difficult version: Alternate Split Squat Jump with kicks.  The former version is without alternating feet.  And this version requires you to switch feet after kicking.  So you need to be more careful when landing while the required coordination is much higher.  It is definitely a great exercise for you to train your physical strength , muscle, endurance, balance and coordination.  But there is a certain amount of difficulty,so just do it slowly.


Training Intensity

As for the number of times and sets,it depends on your ability.  The basic recommendation is to do at least 4 sets, each set involves 8-12 times or more.  Make the progress slowly without pursuing the set numbers.  Our goal is that we can feel the cardiopulmonary acceleration after finishing, coupled with tiredness and can’t even jump.  This is your training intensity.

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