Not Just Abs, But Also Serratus Anterior

We will discuss a muscle called “Serratus Anterior” today, which also called Bullet muscle.  When you raise your hands, this muscle will show up.


It’s next to your pectoral muscles and above the lateral abdominal muscles.  Many people mistakenly think it is part of  the lateral abdominal muscles.  But it’s actually another muscle, called “Serratus Anterior”.  It extends from the shoulder blade to the rib.  This muscle can help stabilize the shoulders.  It participates in many shoulder movements:  Including Upward Rotation,Shoulder Protection,External Rotation,Posterior Tilt and Downward Rotation, etc.  Not only can exercising this muscle make your body looking good, it also help you stabilize your shoulders.  Especially those who have “Scapular Winging”.  More exercise for this muscle can help you improve this problem.


Many tutorials tell you to make a Push up plus,  Or a Shoulder protraction to exercise the serratus anterior.  And also punching movements, such as using a cable or resistance band to perform a heavy punching exercise.  Indeed, this muscle of the boxers is more developed.  But I think the above actions are not effective enough.  If you have training habits,you may probably know the greatest movements for serratus anterior are “Pressing”.  For example, Dumbbell Push Up, Handstand Push Up or Pike Push Up.  They make a greater feeling.  Why is this so? it’s actually really simple. If you pay attention to the content just now, you may found that the function of the serratus anterior is not only Shoulder Protraction.  So if you keep making punches,  Or do Pike Push Up, etc.  It is just training one of the functions. So it’s not that effective.


Activation of Serratus Anterior

If you want more effects on the training, the easiest way is to perform some pressing movements with shoulder protraction.  There will be a bigger feeling.  Next, I will teach you an action to activate the serratus anterior,  which is the most targeted.


First, lift your chest, abdomen.  Lower your shoulders, and raise your arms.  Then,make a shoulder protraction which is pushing the scapula forward.  Perform another shoulder external rotation.  If you don’t understand what I said, you may look at this picture.  We want to make the force of external rotation.  Try to finish this by moving your elbow. If you do what I just said,your serratus anterior should be already tight.  That’s exactly what we want.  If you can squeeze it by yourself until it is tight, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable. Then,you are right.


Serratus Anterior Exercise

When you can do this action empty-handed,  we can do another action by using the skills that I’ve just mentioned to exercise the serratus anterior.  We will in a plank or push up posture.  It’s better to be in an incline position.  It will be easier to control and have more feeling.  First, we try to have a Posterior Pelvic Tilt.  This makes it easier to activate our muscle.


Second, use the forcing direction I’ve just mentioned, Including pushing  the scapula forward while the body cooperates.  So that we have a pushing power.  At the same time, the direction of the elbow’s force is somewhat similar to the external rotation.  The feeling we just had when we was standing.  There should be a great feeling.  Hold when you reach the highest position, then slowly restore, and you are done.  Slower movements will be preferred.  The focus is on the feeling of squeezed muscles.   The number of times does not matter.  The most important thing is that the targeted muscle can get the most power.  And this action will definitely help you.


When you are familiarized with this action,  Serratus anterior can be activated anytime and anywhere.  The skill can be added to some movements in order to train the serratus anterior. If you learn the activating skills, even a low intensity movement can exercise the serratus anterior. Otherwise, you may need to do more Shoulder Press, Or pike push up to indirectly exercise it.

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