Leg Training – Relentless Legs (Simplified)

As I mentioned in a previous video, Tim Grover, Michael Jordan’s trainer, has published a 12 week program in a book “Jump Attack”.  I spent 3 months in gym executing his leg program, and just intended to challenge myself.  And the result is:


To a short man without prior plyometrics/stamina training, who hasn’t jumped since high school, has this result for just a 3-month training.  It is quite assuring.  Jump higher than ever before.  Besides, with no change in diet, I have lost ~1.5 kg body weight, and improved my stamina/endurance and cardio.

The program is very tough for whose have no prior stamina training experience like myself, struggling during every workout.  The exercises are so intense that make you tremble, sore and short of breath.


The program consists of 3 stages,  having different exercises that are in form of a compound(action) set.  It is too complicated and difficult to most people, so I have a easier version for everyone that  uses only bodyweight, as a prerequisite workout for the program.


Training Routine

  1. Warm up
  2. 3 exercises + 3 stretching
    • Each exercise do 2 sets, follow by stretching
  3. Cool Down


Warm up: Activate Hips and Hamstring

Lying and hold one of your knee, while support yourself with the heel of another foot.  Squeeze your hips and lift your body up.  15 reps.  Alternate the legs without rests.  Just 1 set.


#1 Lunge Isometric Hold

This targets the endurance and mental toughness.  Stand with lunge position.  Keep the heel of front foot above the ground.  Back leg and upper body try to keep straight.  Squeeze your hips and legs, and hold for 1 min.  Follow by 15 reps of lunge squat of half range of motion.  Do NOT lockout.  Rest 1-2 min.  Alternate the legs.  Both legs required.  Each leg do 2 sets.  Immediately, follow by a  stretching.

The harder version: Bulgarian Split Squat



The stretching is to lengthen the hip flexor.  Hold 20-30s.  Alternate the legs without rest.  Rest 1 min before next exercise.


#2 Squat + Split Squat Jump

This targets strength and cardio.  Lower yourself with a squat position with comfortable angle and hold 30s.  Follow by a 10 reps of squat of half range of motion.   Do NOT lockout.  Follow by a split squat jump.


Stand in a lunge position, jump explosively and kick your hips.  Land with original position (lunge).  Do 8 reps.  Immediately follow by another 8 reps of the alternated leg.  This is ONE set only and then you can rest for 1-2 min.  Do 2 set and then follow by stretching.  1 min rest after stretching.  It is okay to have some breath-taking pauses within the set.


#3 Fast Squat + Roll Back Jump

This targets explosiveness and cardio.  Squat with the fastest speed you can within 30s.  Try get faster each set.  Immediately follow by a roll back jump.  Better perform it with a mat.  When you roll back, and then roll forward with the momentum created, jump higher and try to touch your chest with your knee.  Do it fast and jump high for 8 reps.  This is ONE set.  Rest 1-2 min.  Do 2 sets.  Follow by a stretching.



The above exercises are about 40% of original program.  During the workout, It is okay that you may not perform every rep perfectly due to exhaustion.  Improve it gradually.


This workout is a HIIT leg exercise, for uses of losing weight, improving cardio endurance, explosiveness.  You may adjust the workout according to your goal.  Note that, it is NOT a hypertrophy workout.  Repeat: it is NOT a hypertrophy workout,  and it is not suitable for those who want to gain muscles.


If you are a basketball enthusiasts trying to dunk, you should follow the complete program stated in the book.  Some equipment like barbell and dumbbells are needed.  The program is meant for athletes who are physically fit, and mentally tough.  Many quits the program as it is too difficult.

Attention: Anyone with any cardio issues, please do NOT try this program because it may actually cause deaths.

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