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Nowadays, the most common way to learn Fitness is to watch YouTube videos.  Today, I am going to share some of my opinions on how to learn from Fitness Channels, including:

  1. How to choose the right channels for yourself?
  2. How to apply the knowledge?
  3. Recommended Fitness Channels.


#1 Choosing Channels

There are tons of Fitness information out there and we should not consume them all.  We have to choose wisely according to the following criteria:


1. Our levels and types

There are different types of Fitness such as weight training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, calisthenics/street workout etc.  Make sure you know which area you want.  Also aware the target audience of the channels: Experienced or Beginners?  And whether the channels are suitable for you.


2. Channel Language

The common languages: Cantonese, Putonghua, English.  There are much more Fitness information in foreign languages than in HK, TW.  I, myself, spend most of time watching English Channels to learn.

But not everyone can understand spoken English so well,  so translated videos or local language channels (Chinese) would be your choices.


3. The Values

Determine whether the values a channel provided is good enough for you.  In short, can you learn from this channel?  Can they provide the content properly that delivers the knowledge and experience?  It doesn’t matter how good they are,  what’s matter is that:

  • Can they deliver the knowledge properly?
  • Can they help you learn more about Fitness knowledge?
  • Can they inspire to you improve and move to next level?
  • Are they care just about the sales or the values?
  • Are they wasting your time?


Before you pick the suitable ones, please explore as many channels as possible.  Then you can choose some good ones.  In my opinion, the most important factor is that they are providing values to you.


#2 Applying Knowledge

The knowledge you learned from Fitness Channels must be memorized and applied.  Each piece of training tips/methods/nutrition require times to practise and apply.  Do not try to attempt all at once.  And don’t assert its value for just trying a few days.  There are no universal tips/methods/nutrition are for all people.   Even so, some knowledge may be incorrect in some cases, so you must be open minded and ready to unlearn and learn again.

  • For instance: The education told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Now we have the Intermittent Fasting in which skipping breakfast is the common way.  And there are lots of research indicating his benefits to health and fat loss.
  • Another example: We shouldn’t eat high fat.  Now we have Ketogenic (Keto) Diet in which the major calorie consumption is fat.   Seemingly defy the knowledge we once had, but again science prove its values in health and fat loss.


Be open minded to training as well.  Especially when you are explored to different areas like Weight training/Bodybuilding/Powerlifting/Calisthenics etc.  There are different methods/mechanism of trainings in each area.  Some of them may seems to be contradictory to each other.  Try to learn and understand a bit.  No need to assert which one is right or wrong.  It is just a matter of perspectives.


#3 Recommended Channels

  • Athlean-X: The leading Fitness Channels.  They have tons of videos.  Though most of them are repetitive, the knowledge and experience are valuable.
  • Mike Thurston: Great physique and good at delivering the right knowledge.  I witness his channel growing from 10k to 450k.  Definitely recommend.
  • FitnessFAQs: A Calisthenic Channel.  His physique, strength and knowledge are excellent.  Definitely a lot to learn from.


In fact, there are a lot of good channels out there, but I don’t try to mention their names one by one.

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