If you want to Grow, Abandon these 3 Mentalities!

If you want better progress in Fitness, there are some mentalities you should abandon.

#1 Holiday Mentality

Meaning you have holiday mood.  You may have holidays in School/Work, but not Fitness.  Our body and brain have similar principle to follow:  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Meaning you should constantly using your mind and body.  Or else, they fade.


You may wonder:

“Rest but no holiday.  What do you mean by that?”

Rest is very important in Fitness, So we must rest.  What’s the difference between Rest & Holiday?

  • Rest is the activity that we allocate to let the body recover and heal.  During Rest, we should keep our spirit, like we should still eat according to our Fitness Goal.
  • On the other hand, Holiday Mentality is like You can do whatever you want, like playing, having fun without sleep, or eating like no consequence etc.


Beware that, Fitness is related to all of your aspects in life.  You cannot abandon your Fitness Goal anytime/anywhere.


Some may do some redeem measures like extra fitness work after Holidays.  Train harder, eat healthier.  It is quite a option.  But the best way is to avoid the situations before it happens.  Meaning No More Holiday Mentality.  As many people will just get soften after holidays.  Losing motivation and incentives to stay in the fight.  Hope you guys don’t fall into the trap.


#2 Arrived Mentality

Let’s say you Fitness goal is to lose/gain some weight, some Calisthenics Moves etc.  Once you achieved, then you think it is the time to relax and celebrate.  Please don’t as it will get you into the trap.


As mentioned earlier, your body and mind will fade once you stop using them.  When you achieve your goal, you should immediately set another (bigger) goal and push yourself.  If your goal is just stay the same way you are now, like I am good now, no need extra endeavour.   This kind of Mentality will set you apart from the best.  When you don’t have an attractive & big goal,  Your motivation goes away with time.  In a long run, you may not be able to stay the shape as you are now.


So remember, when you achieved a goal, Set another one.  Push yourself again.  Otherwise,  you will develop the 3rd Mentality that should be abandoned.


#3 I Used To Mentality

Say/remember the days that you are good, like How strong/thin you are.  How much weight you can lift. What moves you can do etc..  These old days should not be mentioned all the times.  As every time you say it, you are giving yourself an excuse.  “How badass you once are, but due to something, injury, stress, life etc. Then it is gone now”.


These are the excuses we gave ourselves to cover the real reason why you are weaker than old days.  These might be the truth.  But you let the truth become the obstacle that hold you back.  Making you set a low bar/low goal.  If so, you become submissive to life.  We CANNOT GIVE UP.


When you try your best, but you still fail to to get back the where you were.  Perhaps, finding another way is the option.

  • You have shoulder injury?    Then train your abs and legs.
  • If you are a runner and you have knee/ankle injury,  Try Swimming.

There’s always a way to keep going as long as you don’t give yourself too many excuses.  And Set a higher goal.  And Stay disciplined to the end.


To sum up 3 mentalities to be abandoned:

  1. Holiday Mentality
  2. Arrived/Soften Mentality
  3. I Used To/Excuses Mentality

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