How to Train Your Anterior Deltoid?

The latest video has explained how to train back shoulders.  This video is about training of front shoulders.  In view of the current situation, we can only train freehand movements currently.  You can train this movement at home or in the park.  We can divide the training into three parts to stimulate the muscles.  Divided into top, middle, and bottom range. If you are a novice, then training one part is enough, completing all three is unnecessary.  If you want to practice better, you can practice at least one action per part.


Top Range

The first part is about the top range.  If the ability is qualified, we can make an Wall Assisted Handstand Push up.  Facing the wall, prop up the feet first, then climb back slowly.  When the body is close to vertical, it is our starting angle.  The distance between your hands is about a little wider than your shoulders.  We can use our feet to help when we are down in order to lighten the intensity slightly.  Pay attention to the angle of your elbows when going down.  It should be slightly lean to the back rather than strongly propped up to 90 degrees.  When viewed from the side, the body should form a diagonal line instead of a vertical line while pressing to the lowest.  Then push the body up.  The number of training is depended on the ability, the average is 6-12 reps.  This action is more difficult and also contains some skills.  For those who are not adapt to it may be a little hesitant and worried.


If this action is too difficult, You can also do a simple Pike Push Up.  The principle is actually the same, but the movement will be much simpler and less dangerous.  I have also described this action several times in previous videos.  You may check that out if you are interested.


Middle Range

Next is about the middle range.  In fact, all movements about push up are regarded as the actions of middle range.  But if we want to exercise more on shoulders than chest muscles, You are suggested making a Close-Grip Push Up.  It will target the front shoulders and triceps more.  That’s right, when we do any pectoral exercises, the front shoulders will also be involved.  So I mentioned it in many videos, no extra training is needed for the front shoulder.  But if your front shoulder is weak and you want to strengthen it, You can do more “push” actions including the action of training the pectoral muscles, or all the “push” actions mentioned in this video.


Bottom Range

The third part is about the bottom range.  This action is to lower your hand to do the  push up we just mentioned.  When the hand is lowered, the difficulty of the action will increase.  The load on the wrist is also increasing.  This is actually a basic action of street workout Planche.  Front shoulder, triceps and pectoral muscles will also involved.  Because it has a heavy load on the wrist and it’s not common, so pay attention when doing it that whether your hands can be placed close to the belly or waist for a long time or not so as to train correctly.  If you can’t do this, don’t force yourself.  It’s always a difficult movement to control.  As there is more demand for core muscles, for those who are without a certain foundation may not able to do it.  Also, it’s easier to hurt your wrist and therefore, I just explain this action to you but not particularly recommended the exercise.


Training Tips

If you are a novice, all you need to do is Pike Push Up or Closed-Grip Push Up.  If you’re at an advanced level, do more Wall Assisted Handstand Push Up.  I believe that it has enough stimulation to the shoulders.


Here to remind more, the front shoulder is more vulnerable and easy to be injured.  Make sure you have enough recovery after exercising, and don’t overtrain to get injured, otherwise it will be very troublesome.


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