How to Staying LEAN All the Time besides Genetics?

Many people ask me ,how can I keep the lower body fat all the time?  If I say it’s natural, then this answer is too arrogant.  Why do some people always keep a lower body fat while others can’t?  Today we are going to talk about this topic in detail.


No doubt, the gene play a vital role in that.  Your gene affect a lot in that, some people are lean body naturally.  To them, becoming fat and gaining more muscle is very difficult.  In contrast, some people are hard to be thin.  Apart from the gene, age is also important.  Even you are lean body naturally, that doesn’t mean that you will be thin forever.  Maybe the middle age problem will happen to you.

  • Their metabolic rate maybe higher, or digestive efficient is lower.  That leads to a situation which is hard to become fat and gain muscle.  But this is also a benefit.That means you can always keep a lower body fat.  For youngsters, they have the higher metabolic rate.  So it’s more easier to maintain a lower body fat.
  • For the older, they need to be more strict to their eating pattern to get the same effect.


Apart from considering the natural gene, we need to consider your age,diet and exercise frequency.  It’s a mixed consequence caused by various factors.  If you want to reach a thinner body type and lower body fat, a thorough understanding to your body is the most important.  You need to try continually to get it.  Some people rely on the diet to change their body type.  Some people just change their body type by exercising.


In theory, every factor is indispensable.  But, there is one factor bringing more influence to your body.  You just need to find it and lay focus on it, the result is more obvious.  If you think your body is weaker naturally,  you have to pay more endeavors than the normal.  You have to know that every one is different.  Everything is not fair in the world and you just need to do your best.

Maintain vs Reaching

Secondly, every one need to understand that keeping and reaching a lower body fat are totally two different things.  Keeping means that your are already in this status.  You don’t have to pay a lot of effort and you can maintain it.  For example, there is inertia in physics.  It’s a moving object, you don’t need a lot of effort to keep it moving.  If it is a stationary object, you need to work hard to push it.  In the same way, if your body fat was originally high, to reach to a low body fat, You need more energy and effort to reach it.    Put it simply, it’s more difficult for you to go for a lower body fat than to keep that.


Take myself as an example, people often ask me if I need to eat lightly to maintain low body fat.  My answer is : no !  There are several reasons. I am a lean person originally.  With perennial training, my body has adapted to this state.  For me, this body fat is already the most stable state.  As long as I keep doing exercise and maintain the same diet,  Basically, my body fat will not change much.  Unless there is a particularly big shift to me such as I stop exercising and doing gym, then my body fat will change drastically.  That is what we call equilibrium.


Eating more occasionally and doing more and less exercise occasionally will not make any significant changes to my body because breaking the equilibrium takes a lot of change and lasts for a while.  Whether it’s the good side, or the bad side.  That is called maintaining!  The same principle applies to others who want to gain muscle and lose weight.  To most people who want to lose weight, their body is maintained at a higher body fat.  If they want to lose fat successfully, they need to find an appropriate method to push the fat reduction process and never give up.  Until body fat reaches a desired goal and stays for a while and let the body adapts to a new lifestyle and low body fat, It’s a successful equilibrium.


In fact, after reducing the fat and the weight, their diet do not need to be as rigorous and harsh as the beginning.  Because their bodies have adapted to this new state.  You will see many stars and fitness channels are doing the same thing.  They may experience a long and difficult hell-like training and and a hard diet.  But after that, keeping a good physical condition doesn’t need to be as demanding as it used to be.  The same goes for the process of losing weight or gaining muscle, many people have given up at this difficult and difficult stage.  They can not go to a comfortable and stable level and their whole fitness journey is ended.

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