How to Roughly Calculate the Protein consumed?

Today I will share some basic information about Protein.  Protein is very important for those who are into Fitness.  How much protein should we eat a day?  Are we eating enough?  If we don’t have the precise machinery nor nutrition labels, how can we know how much Protein we have eaten?  I will give you some basic foundation for you to roughly count how much Protein.


The source of Protein are Meat/Fish/Beans.  Rice/Noodles contains very little, if not none, protein.  We can basically assume they contain 0 Protein.


Then you should know 1 egg has about 6-7g of Protein.  This includes the egg yolk.  So, the Protein of a Egg is limited.  If you wish to intake all the Protein from eggs,  then you may need to eat 1x-2x eggs.


Meat is better.  100g meat contains about 20g Protein.  Meat includes:  Chicken/Pork/Beef.  Of course, they are not identical.  Different portions are different as well.  If you really need specific details, please refer to the Internet.  But we can do a rough calculation by assuming they contain ~20g Protein.


Now,  you may wonder how much is 100g of Meat?  For your understanding, 100g meat is about 1 pork chop.  Of course pork chop has various sizes.  But to simplify, you can assume a size of 1 pork chop = 100g, Aka 20g of Protein.  Bigger ones contain a little bit more while smaller ones may contain less than 20g.  Chicken chop, the sizes you are eating in restaurants may diff from the ones you buy from Market.  You can use your intelligence to adjust.  A complete chicken chop is bigger than pork chop, so it contains more Protein than pork chop.


If you have the basic concepts,  you may realise that if you need to eat 100g Protein a day,  You need to eat several Chicken/Pork Chops size.  It sounds difficult.  So many people turn to another solution, which is consuming Whey Protein.  Typically, 1 serving of Whey Protein contains 20g of Protein.  It is quite convenient.

  1. Easy to consume. Too much meat is hard to consume.
  1. Convenient. You don’t need to cook them.  Just need to use some water to shake it. Easy to consume.

That’s why many people use them as a supplement to meet the Protein Intake requirement.


You may wonder:  Do I need to take them as well?  This depends on individuals.  Basically, they help you to achieve your Protein Intake Requirement.  But the truth is:  Are they actually helping your gains?  Or just a mental comfort?

  • This one leave you guys to try out.  If you tried and think they are useful,  then why not?
  • If you tired a for period of time and find not difference at all, then it is just a preference instead of a need.


BTW, you may wonder:  Am I consuming Whey Protein as well?  I did try for a period of time but found it no difference.  So I quit consuming.  This is just my experience and response, but not meant for everyone.  Eventually, it all come downs to your training, diet and life aspects before you know it if it is worthy.  But bear in mind, they are just supplements.  The most important nutrients should come from your main Diet.  Supplements are complement.  Don’t confuse them.


Finally, I will put a link below, a useful website with lists of nutrition labels of 100g of Food.  I, myself, will sometimes refer to it as well.  Hope it helps.  Thanks.


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