How to Persist When You Don’t Feel Like it?

Training is so hard/tired/sore and time-consuming.  Most of the times, the result is not align with the efforts and time spent, like you struggle to build more muscle, struggle to lose fat.  What drives you to keep training?  Comment below and discuss.


In fact, human is in search of happiness.   We train for the sake of happiness.  Just a little bit hard in the process, the hopefully the result is fruitful.  Struggle first, enjoy later.  Of course, not everyone can make it through, Most will quit  or settle.  How to constantly keep yourself motivated and pushing yourself?


As mentioned earlier: human is in search of happiness.  Tony Robbins:

Progress = Happiness.

If you want to be happy, seek progress.


#1 Appreciate small progress you have made.

People pay too much attention to the end result, but not appreciate the small steps that you have gone through.  The first step is to appreciate every progress you have made, no matter how small as long as it moves you towards your goal.  Then it is a progress, a happiness, a motivation.


Let’s say your goal is to lose 50 lbs.  After 1-2 month of efforts, but the result is just 2-3 lbs.  You may find it disappointed and frustrated, as it is not what you expected.  But once you can realise that you have ALREADY making progress.  Even though the rate is not that fast.  As long as you persists, you will reach the goal.  Every small step/progress are the keys to success.


#2 Appreciate the progress in your efforts.

Let’s say you hit plateaus, and cannot make any progress.  Will you lose happiness and motivation for lack of progress?  Sure you probably will.  And yet, progress can be more than just. that.  It can means the progress in efforts spent, time spent, discipline.


Even if your body composition doesn’t change a bit,  simply increase your training frequency from 3 times to 5 times is already a huge progress.  This progress will make you feel good  and motivated, helping you move towards your goal.


#3 Appreciate the progress in other non-direct path

If you are already in a saturated state or you are injured,  then progress is not easy to make.


  • In fact, there is more than one path to your goal, there must be another path/ways to make progress.  For instance, I have heard a lot from experts: If you do lots of weight training, some yoga to increase your mobility and flexibility will be helpful, some cardio to increase your cardiovascular function will be helpful as well.  They seems that that directly related to your goal,  But in fact, helpful.
  • Improving mobility/flexibility will allow you do wider range of motion and decrease the risk of injuries.
  • Improving cardiovascular function will help you recover faster.

All these will contribute to your performance, and thus, the result.  So, there are actually many ways to make progress.  Progress in another paths will help as well.


To conclude: Progress = Happiness.

#1 Appreciate small progress you have made.

#2 Appreciate the progress in your efforts.

#3 Appreciate the progress in other non-direct path, which also helps.

When you feel unmotivated and frustrated, try to remind & motivate yourself with the above.

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