How to Maximize the Reps for Pull Ups – Simple Method from David Goggins.

One of my earlier videos has taught you how to increase the reps for Pull Ups.  Today, I will share another training method to increase your total reps in a session, like maximise your reps in 1 hr session.  This method is based on the training method from former Most Pull Up World Record Holder David Goggins who did 4000+ pull ups in 24 hr. Sure, we don’t need to be that extreme.  We will use a shorter time to manage to do ~200 reps Pull ups with less endeavour and without exhausting yourself.  Meanwhile to reduce the chances of injury and reduce the pain of palm.


Training Method

First, we will do 1 set in 1 min including the DOING part & the REST part.  Based on your current level to adjust the reps for each set.  For me, I will 5 reps for a row.  Each set, I will spend around 1x seconds and rest 4x seconds.

200 / 5 = 40 sets.


That means I can finish it (200 reps) with ~40min.  Since the reps/set is not high.  The rest between set is good enough for our muscle and joints to recover, and thus enable us to sustain longer in the game.  Even if you pass 40min, you will still have the stamina to continue.  Of course, the stamina has dropped, and there is some pain in your palm or other muscles.  But in fact, there are a lot of Pull ups has been accumulated.  Compared to the regular 10/8 reps/set method, which usually get very tired and exhausted in the later time.  Your forearm, palm will get so tired and pain to continue.  This new method is simply easier for us to sustain our stamina for more reps and longer game.  Let’s say your goal is 300 reps in a session, all you need to do is 1 hr effort.  This method enhance your endurance, and also your muscle.  Since there is quite a lot of volume done to stimulate muscle growth.


If you find it too easy for 5 reps/set, You may try 6, 7 reps.  If you think 5 reps is too hard already,  Then try 3, 4 reps.  As long as you improve along the way, no matter is the no. of reps in a set or the total volume.


Lack of Determination

Many people will wonder and ask how to get better, Back, Chest, Abs etc.  In fact, they may not lack a good training method or Fitness knowledge.  Like this training method, which is very simple.  Everyone can think of it.  What’s matter is the determination and motive to execute the training method.  It won’t help if you do any training for just 1 time.  The most important thing is the efforts and time you put in.  Any training is a good training.  It doesn’t mean it is THE BEST, but still helps as long as you have become the one  who has the determination and commitment to execute.


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