How to have 6 pack Abs – The Secret that No One Tells You!

Today, I will talk about how to make to your Abs from this to this.  The answer is this:

Flexing your abs.


In fact, how your abs look like depends on several things:

  1. Your actual aesthetics level.
  2. Your state.
  3. Environment.


The first one is a long term game, while the others can be instantly changed.


#1 State

Include: Flexing, Stomach Fullness, Posture, Pumping etc.  In short, in order to look better, you need to stand upright, flatten your abs, flex your abs (Rectus Abs+ Obliques).  Empty stomach will look better than full.


Sitting without upright posture will make you look very fat.  Better Sit upright.  Even better stand.  Stand with upright torso without letting your pelvic tilt.  How to flex your abs is also an Art.  If you don’t flatten your core/Transverse abs, just to flex you six packs (Rectus Abs).  You’ll look bad as well.  So, it is very important to contract your Transverse abs.  Try to flatten it all the time, then you’ll look much better.


If you want to look even better, contract your obliques & raise your hands to reveal your Serratus Anterior.  Instantly, you look much ripped.


#2 Environment

Include: Lighting, Angle.  The same abs in different lighting environment will have very different appearance.  Too strong/weak lighting will look bad.  Only suitable lighting will make you look defined and ripped.


Different Angle does the same effect too.  Same abs, same type of abs ex.  Hanging vs Lying have very different look.


The above are the tricks that make your abs look better.  But to apply the above, you need the basic foundation of your aesthetics level.  If you carry very fat belly, no tricks can help you.  You have to lose some fat and reduce the body fat.  You have train your abs to have a bigger abs.  These cannot be achieved in a short period of time.  Perseverance & Consistency on training & Nutrition are needed.  Go for it, my friends.

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