How to Get a Bigger Shoulder with A Pair of Dumbbell?

Today, I will teach how to train your shoulder, get a wider shoulder with Lighter Weight.  A wider shoulder means we have to train our Side Deltoid.  First, many people thought that only HEAVY weight can build muscle.  Nope, in fact, LIGHT weight can too.  Today, I will show you how to train your shoulder with LIGHT weight.


There are two major ways for Light Weight:

  • First: Just lift slower with better form to stimulate the muscle.  Today, We don’t discuss it in detail.
  • The second one is Metabolic Training (Topic of Today).


Metabolic Stress

What is Metabolic Training?  Metabolic Stress is the stress caused by the production and accumulation of metabolites like Lactic Acid during training.  The stress is accumulated, we will feel the soreness and the pump etc.  The feeling will accumulated when you don’t stop lifting.  The difference between this method & ordinary Heavy method (≤ 8-12RM)is that:

  • Heavy one:  You stop when you lose your strength.
  • Light one: You stop when you feel both feeling: too sore and start to lose your strength.  This method can be reinforced if we can endure the sorenesswithout stopping for few more reps. The metabolic stress caused by the accumulation of metabolites can facilitate the muscle growth.


So how to define Light Weight: Typically, You can do 15 reps (15RM+). For 20-30 reps are very light weight.


Shoulder Workout

Now, I will show you a simple Shoulder Workout.  Basically, the major exercise for Side Deltoid is Dumbbell Lateral Raise.  Even if you are short of resources, but just a pair of Dumbbell are good enough  for you to train at home or in the GYM.


Normal Set

First, we will do 4 sets of normal DB lateral Raise.  15 Reps/Set.  Try to pause at top, come down slowly against the Gravity.  Do 4 sets will make you feel a little bit sore and tired.



Then, we will do a Superset with DB Lateral Raise and Shoulder Press.

  • 12 Reps for Lateral Raise.
  • If you have heavier Dumbbell, you do lift heavier with Shoulder Press.  Depends on how heavy the Dumbbell is,  You can 8-12 reps or 15 reps+.

When you finish the first part of the set (Lateral Raise),  you will start to feel the soreness.  Then, you do Shoulder Press without any rest.  You will feel the soreness continues.  Under this circumstance, the training starts when you are enduring the pain/soreness.

Drop Set

After 4 sets of Superset, then we have a DB Lateral Raise Drop Set.  Assume we just have ONE dumbbell, we cannot use lighter weight for Drop Set.

  • The first part just do regular 12 Reps with normal tempo, pause at top and slow eccentric.
  • When you finish the first part, immediately do another 12 reps of Lateral Raise with a faster tempo.  (Mechanical Drop Set)

The first part is already sore, the later part will accumulate the Lactic Acid and make it even painful.  Most people cannot finish without stop.  Its alright if you cannot finish, just pause in the middle of the set and rest.  Finish the rest reps and complete 12 reps.  When you are done, you will feel very sore.  This kind of soreness is good, which indicates the training is working and effective.


The above exercises take a shorter rest time,  just about 1 min.  Lighter weight requires shorter rest time.  Metabolic Training, by definition, needs a shorter rest time for optimal result.  And the tutorial for DB Lateral Raise had been posted in my previous video.  If you are interested, please watch that video.


There are many exercises and training methods for Shoulder.  Today’s content is just a small part of it.  If you are interested to learn more, develop a better Shoulder and Physique, you can visit my website for more Personal Training details.

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