How to do more Pull Up FAST

Today, I am going to share one method to do so and the 2-week result I obtained with it in.  In fact, the method I tried has been mentioned in my previous newsletter.  In order to prove it whether it works,  from the day I sent the newsletter to the day I filmed this video, I, myself, trained with this method for 2 weeks.


2-Week Result

First, I have to mention some background about me.  I mainly focus sorely on hypertrophy training,  but not endurance/ high rep training.  The best that I can do is 22-23 reps in a set.

After training particularly for the reps, I have increased to 27-28 reps,  which is about 20% increase and that’s is quite good for me.


Training Method

Now, I will go through the details of the training.

  • Train 2-3 times per week.  I have done 7 sessions of training in two weeks.
  • 1 day rest between training days.
  • Total 6 sets with 1 minute rest in between.
  • Duration: 8 minute excluding warm up & cool down.
  • Separate this training with your typical session OR arrange it in the beginning of your routine.
  • Total volume should be increased every session/week.


Training Details

  • Day 1: Do 7 reps.
  • Day 2 Do 8 reps.
  • Day 3: Do 9 reps.
  • Day 4: Do 10 reps.  Barely finish, so I try 10 again for the next time.  Day 5: Do 10 reps.   Barely finish too, but I have to push myself, so
  • Day 6: Do 11 reps.  Barely finish set 4.  Fail at set 5, 6 (Result: 8,7 reps).  Add one more set to compensate the missing reps.
  • Day 7: Do 11 reps.   Feel fatigue at set 4 too.  Exhaust all my energy for set 5 & 6 and barely finish them.


As it is a high-rep training, the speed of movement is a little bit faster than usual.  The form is not that too perfect, but yet acceptable.  The above training schedule may be a little bit rushed.  You may take it slower.  Like increase total volume per week instead of per session.


Points to Note

Everyone has different stamina and therefore, result.  You should not follow it blindly.  There are tons of ways to increase your pull ups reps, in which the above way is definitely not the best.  Actually, as long as you set a clear goal and have a clear planning working towards it.  With proper execution, you must experience some improvement.


Finally, this method is probably not suitable for those who can’t do 10 pulls up.  Please improve the basic pulling strength first (15 reps recommended) before you attempt the above method.

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