How to Come Back to Train After my Recent Injury?

Last time I mentioned how to deal with injuries and perform avoidance training.  So I can apply what I said before to make a real example.



My right hand was injured, probably the position of my palm and wrist.  Due to the wound, the palm will swell and pain.  Basically just after the injury, use the rest strategy for the first week.  Treat yourself with peace of mind, do nothing.  Try not to touch the wound and clean up the wound.  Allow it to recover slowly, and the pain is relieved. I test the level of hand recovery.  About 7-10 days, the wound will be closed.  As long as I don’t treat it too hard, it won’t tear again.  Then I tested myself.

  • And found that the palms and wrists were still a bit painful.  If these two positions hurt, obviously if I want to do palm press.  So I basically cannot train these moves.  Even if you want to practice, you can only start training slowly with very light weight.
  • I have no problem with my fingers.  In other words, I perform some pulling movements such as pull-ups and rowing.  Basically there are no problems, you can slowly resume training.  There are certainly no problems with some unrelated training such as abdominal and leg training.


As long as I am careful not to twist my hands while training.  This is a very simple self-diagnosis.  I will know that if the hand is 100% recovered, it will take at least a month.  But it only takes more than ten days.  Actually my hand can return to normal state can be realigned with normal training.


Train with Caution

Just like avoiding some push actions just analyzed or use a very light weight to minimize pain and avoid tearing the wound again.  In some pulling movements, basically I have regained 80% to 90% of the strength.  Restart training slowly.  Leg and abs training can continue to exercise.  This is a certain degree of avoidance training.  There are some injuries but you can continue training and do exercise.  And the right amount of exercise and training can make blood circulation better.  Can help you recover from injuries.  Don’t be too anxious,and knowing how to control yourself.  Also be careful not to get hurt again.


My injury and sprained wrist are almost the same.  Positions which are with pain or no pain are similar.  So if you sprain your wrist.  To some extent, you can use the method I just said to diagnose yourself.  Do hard, but also do what you can.

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