How to Ask Question about Fitness (Mindset)

  • How to gain muscle?
  • How to get bigger Chest,
  • Bigger Biceps, wider Shoulder?
  • How to plan our training, what exercises to do?
  • How to execute?
  • How to eat to gain muscle and lose fat?


All these are the common Fitness questions.  You can look the answer from the Internet, Gym buddies, Coaches etc.  The answer you might probably get:  Train multiple days a week, how much Cardio needed, What exercises to do, techniques like slow tempo and pause, Healthy diet and meal size etc.

All these are simple answers.  All of you can find these answers easily.  And yet, not everyone get the same result.  Aren’t they asking the right questions or right people?  Yes or No.


All these questions are important,  But all are external things,  And they are not hard to find.  There are more important questions to be resolved first.  They are:

  1. Why are you working out?
  2. What price are you willing to pay for that?



#1 The Reason

The reason for working out can be varying from Physique, Health, Improvement, Challenges etc.  Your “Why” is your motivation and incentive.

If you lack a good one, you can’t persist it for long.  Let’s say if you are just following the Fitness trends,  Then the chance you fail to make it through would be very high.  If you are training to attracting girls, then your source of power will be based on external things & people which can be various from time to time that you can’t control,  causing you to fail to persist.


These reasons could be your initial motivation and incentive.  But along the way, you shall switch to Internal Incentive.  Internal Incentive/Reasons are like developing a more disciplined self, a more competitive self etc.  There are internal incentives that you have the power to take control of excluding the impact by the external environments.   As a result, persistence can last.


#2 The Price

In whatever aspects, Fitness, School, Job, Wealth, Social Relationships, Life,  In order to get a great result,  a great price/sacrifice has to be paid/made.  The prices are:

  • the days you wake up early and get back late,  the gatherings with your friends,
  • the family misunderstanding,
  • injuried body,
  • Hard earned money,
  • And other opportunity costs.


If you think Fitness can be obtained easily.  Like Earn first, then buy it with money,  Then you should think again.  Of course, Money could be useful in many ways,  Like having Gym equipments, hiring Personal Trainer,  following nutrition meal plans, supplements etc.  All these would help to speed up the process.  And yet they are secondary.


The primary element for Fitness is

Countless hours of Hard Work.

Which means the self-discipline and commitment.  You have to squeeze extra time for training, Endure the pain and soreness but still go to the gym, Refuse to eat the delicious food etc.


If you can develop this mindset and self-discipline.  Then how to gain muscle and lose fat wouldn’t be too difficult for you.  It becomes a matter of time only.


Instead of asking “How many days a week I have to train?”  Which implying a laziness mindset that you want to spend the least but earn the most.  This mindset will definitely drag you down and make you procrastinate.  Ask this instead:

“How many days a week I can endure?”

Don’t ask for minimum effort, but maximum effort.


Now, Ask yourself:

  1. Why you train?
  2. What price are you willing to pay for that?

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