Home Workout when GYM is not available! (Not Equipment)

In the case of epidemic, many fitness centres may not be open.  Even if it do, you may prefer to stay home in pursuit of the good health.  And at home, you may be entertaining every day, one week, two weeks, three weeks.  You will find yourself getting lazier.  In fact, you can do some simple training at home.  You can make yourself less lazy and disciplined.  At the same time, you can also put some effort for your health.


Home Circuit Workout

Today I will introduce a very simple training.  It contains five movements. The rest time between movements is short, or even no rest time.  There will be five movements of bodyweight training , and training can be performed without equipment at all.  Action sequence: chest muscles, abs, back muscles, leg.  Take a 1-2 minute break after completing a round.  Then repeat 3-4 rounds.

  • The action of the chest muscles we do: Push-up.  If you are more advanced, you can choose diamond push-up, 12-15 reps.  If you are a beginner, you can choose ordinary push-up or kneeling push-up and lncline push-up.
  • Abdominal muscles: Leg raise which is in lying position, 10-15 reps.  The lower back should be close to the ground during the process.  When it reaches the highest point, the hips are slightly upward and lifted up, enhancing the sensitivity of the lower abs.
  • Then we do a back muscle movement.  We must first lie on the cushions on the ground.  Do superman-like moves and pull down.  Remember to sink your shoulders and pinch your back throughout the movement.  Feel the tightness of the back muscles, 8-12 reps.
  • After exercising the back muscles, we continue to do crunches.  we do 20-25 reps as a set.  When you do it, you need to slow down, slowly fall, and feel the tightening of the upper abdominal.
  • Then we do leg training: Squat.  We do 25-30 reps as a set.  If you think doing squats is too easy, we can do a bridge-like hip lift immediately after we finish.  Lie on a cushion and lift your hips.  Go straight from your knees to your shoulders.  When you reach the top, you need to press hard and stay for one second, then put down slowly.  If you want to aim at hamstring, you can put the foot on a higher place.  Then hamstring will use more energy.  Use more hip strength in flatter places.


Take a rest for 1-2 minutes after doing it, and repeat for 2-3 more rounds.  So this is a very simple full body training.  You can train yourself at home and stay motivated.  This training is not intended to build muscle, lose weight or improve immunity.  What I want to say here is that after becoming lazy, it’s not so easy to pick up motivation again.  Instead, we spend a little effort to maintain some of the original habits.  A little motivation can make us persistent.  Don’t give up habits that are beneficial to you because of some environmental, social and living problems.  Everybody keep it up!

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