Hamstring & Lower Back Stretching – Touch your Toe

Today, we will discuss Stretching.  I will show you how to touch your toe within a short period of time, even touch the floor with your palm.  (Back then) I used this method for about 3 weeks,  from being able to touch my toe with my finger, to touching the floor with my palm.  The whole routine is really simple.  Before that, we will first analyse the move  On how to reach lower?


#1 Lumbar Flexion

First, we must keep our legs straight the whole time.  As many may not aware that, this move is actually stretching your lower back as well.  That means if your lower back is too tight or you didn’t flex it, then you won’t be able to reach lower.  Flex your spine (lumbar flexion) like doing a crunch.


Many people may not learn how to control your lumbar movement.  There are some exercises to practice:   Let’s do a Cat Pose to move your spine.  Flex, Extend, Flex, Extend.  When you got used to that move, you can be able to reach lower.


#2 Scapular Protraction

The second one is a trick.  That is pushing your scapula forward. (Scapular Protraction)  When you protract, you can obviously reach lower.

With the above two tips, some people can be able to touch their toe with their fingertips.


The Stretching Routine

Now, let’s move to the routine.  This is a stretching ex on Hamstring and lower back.  It takes ~5 minute.  2-4 times a day.  Better separate them in AM/PM/Night.


  1. First do a warm-up set for 20-30s.  Basically do just the move with slow pace.  When you reach a point that is too tight for you, the intensity level is ~8,  HOLD it there for 15s.  Then slowly come back.  This is one set.  Rest 30s for next set.
  2. Do 3-4 regular sets.  Regular set is more like the same.  When we reach the lowest point possible, around intensity level 8, and we HOLD for 30s.  When you used to this move, hold longer.  Rest 30s for next set.
  3. The last set is a little bit different/harder.  We will use our hands to pull our legs and increase the intensity to lv 9.  Where you cannot long it long and your legs are shaking.  At least hold it for 10s.  If necessary, take a break within the intense hold.  This is an intense set to push yourself.  The longer you hold, the better.  And yet still fit the Principle of Progressive  Overload.  Don’t rush it and over do it.


You should be able to see some progress in days of few.  Make sure you push yourself every time, so that you can really see some real progress.  Because if you hold a SAME position for couples seconds over & over again.  It doesn’t help that much.  You have to push yourself even if you face the Stretching Pain.


Additional Stretching Exercise

As this move involves your Hamstring & Lower Back.  Some people may not seek progress when one part is lagging or out of control,  resulting in No progress.  We will add additional practice for these two parts if needed.


Lower Back stretching is basically a lumbar flexion.  You can do it with seated position or standing one with bent legs.  Just like demos in the video.


When it comes to Hamstring Stretching, there are TONS ex for it.  In fact, we just have to make a slight change in execution like keeping your lower back straight in the whole process & Pressing your legs with your hands to ensure your legs are straight.  This is actually a pure Hamstring Stretching ex.  And there are a lot more like what I am doing right now in the video.  Just for your reference.


To conclude, practice this routine 2-4 times a day, You will see rapid result.



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