Grip Strength – Simple Way to Improve It!

Today, we will briefly talk about how to practice grip.  Grip is very important.  We use the grip when we do the “pull” exercise.  For example, we have to hold heavy dumbbells when doing Dumbbell Bench Press and Shoulder Press.  In the case of having a weak grip,  we may not be able to complete the exercise.


However, how do we make progress so that we can complete all the exercise?  Generally speaking, grip refers to hand strength and endurance.  But in many cases,  the focus is actually on ‘strength’.  Endurance can help us maintain for two to three minutes only.  Generally speaking, We are rarely affected by the endurance.  For example, when we do not have enough strength to complete a pull up, what we should practice is the strength of grip.  The way to practice the strength of grip is actually very simple.  We can do Hanging, or holding a heavy dumbbell and maintain it.  In fact, many people usually have enough training for their grip because we will do hanging or hold dumbbells.  But if your grip is particularly weak,  Then the progress should be recovered.


Grip Training

What should we do?  We need to arrange some grip training.  In fact, two or three times a week for grip training sessions, about five to ten minutes each time, do have enough help.


As for the type of training, this video will take hanging as a demonstration.  Except for hanging, You can also do Dumbbell Farmer Hold.  Take hanging as an example,  We have to set a number first.  That number should be able to be divided by four to five groups.  The goal in every week is to increase this number by 5 seconds or 10 seconds, etc.  For example, we will do a 60-second hanging this time.  We can divide it by four groups, each group involves 15 seconds. Rest time between groups is about 30 seconds to a minute or so.  If you succeed, then you can add 5 seconds to 65 seconds next time.  If you can’t finish it, then you can continue to do the same period next time until you can break through.


If you have more strength, like you are able to do one arm hanging,  Same way to train.  For example, our goal is 40 seconds.  A set of training for each hand will be 10 seconds.  The rest between sets is about 30 seconds to one minute.  Practice it about two or three times a week is enough for you to improve.


When both of your hands can hold for about 40 seconds, and each hand can hold for about 15 seconds, in fact, you already have enough grip strength. Your grip should be able to handle most of the exercise.


In the same training arrangement, you can hold a heavy dumbbell, maybe 60 pounds or 70 pounds.  It will lead to similar effect, One more point to mention, the harder you hold your hand, the more difficult it is.  The training will be more effective.  The thicker the handle, the more difficult it is.  Therefore, remember to use bars of the same thickness in every training so that you can measure it accurately.


Finally, Grip training is not necessary.  Only people whose one of the hands is weaker or with weak grip should specially arrange training to improve hand grip. The training is necessary if you have to complete One Arm Pull Up Or Deadlift, etc.  Generally speaking, if there are already a lot of pulling exercise in the training, your hand grip should be strong enough.  Then there is no need for special training.

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