Fix Rounded Back/Shoulder – The Real Reason You Can’t Fix.

Round Shoulder, Rounded Back, Upper Crossed Syndrome (Below: The Posture) are used to describe the bad posture of upper body.  Many citizens have this condition.  Today, I will talk about it, and share ways to you guys to improve it.


The Posture is caused by muscle imbalance.  Some muscles are too tight while some are too weak.

  • The tightened ones need to be stretched.
  • The weakened ones need to be strengthen.

These muscles just happen in a Cross Mark.  (That’s why called Upper Crossed)

  • The tightened ones include:  Chest, Lat, Upper Traps, Levator Scapular muscle etc.
  • The weakened ones include:  Rhomboid, Mid/Lower Traps, Rotator Cuff,  Deep Cervical Flexors etc.

Let’s take a look one by one from the top.


#1 Head

Often result in Forwarded Head posture.  To improve it, do more Chin Tuck ex to strengthen the deep neck muscle.


#2 Shoulder

Shrugged Shoulder

Often result in shrugged shoulder.  This is caused by tight Upper Traps and weak Lower Traps.  Regarding the tight Upper Traps,  I have dedicated ONE video for it already.  Please refer to it if you are interested.

Lower Traps need to be strengthen.  Do some Shoulder Depression Ex, like Shoulder Depression by hanging or using bands.


Round Shoulder

Apart from Shrugged Shoulder,  Round Shoulder is also common.  Which means shoulder protraction,  The chest will sink it.  This is caused by:

  • tight Chest and Front Deltoid etc &
  • Also the weak mid Traps and Rhomboid.


Resulting in forwarded shoulder.  To address this issue,

  • We need Stretching,  Particularly for the Chest, Front Deltoid & Lats.
  • Meanwhile, you need to train your mid-Back area, aka more Shoulder Retraction ex,  by using Cable, Dumbbell, Bands:  Straight Arm Row.  Keep your arm straight or slightly bent for the whole process.  Just retract your scapula. Normal Rows can do the same by focusing more on the Shoulder Retraction. Otherwise, the ex will target more on the Lats. It doesn’t help if Lats is strengthen, or worse, it exaggerates the issue. To clarify, the area we are targeting is the Mid-Back, Not the whole Back.


Now, we move on to the next spot. Those with Round Shoulder  Tend to have Internally Rotated Shoulder/Arm.  The simplest way to rectify it is to strengthen the external rotation muscles  To open up your shoulder.  With Depressed & Retracted Shoulder,  The posture will become much better.


Rounded Back

Move on to next, some with worse condition  Will have Rounded Back/Spine posture.  Which means, the upper back tends to bend significantly, resulting in Thoracic inward condition.  To rectify, we need to strengthen the lower back (Erector Spinae muscles)  Which can straighten your upper body.  And Try to Chest up a little bit more.  Besides, you need to stretch your Abs because tight abs will exaggerate the issue.


That’s it.  Rounded Back will also trigger bad posture of your lower body (Pelvis).  But it is not the topic today and will not be discussed.



If you just have some syndrome mentioned above,  You can target particular muscle part.  For instance, if you have forwarded head issue,  Just doing more Chin Tuck is alright.  Is that simple.  But if you have multiple/all syndrome,  I will recommend you some simple exercises to save your time without trying to do all at the same time.


  1. Face Pull: This one already discussed before, You may revisit the previous video.
  2. Wide-Grip Row
  3. Scapular Pull Up.  Today, I will show you another move which is
  4. Y Raise


Hold your arm straight and raise up to form Y shape.  In the process, hold your arm straight.  You can use bodyweight, bands or cable.  Raise your arm and squeeze the back,  Particularly your lower Traps.  At the same time, Squeeze your lower back and tuck your chin.  Chest up & tighten up your abs.  Hold a sec at the top.  Then slowly return to the initial position while maintaining the tension of your back.  Do 12+ reps.


If you are doing it right,  Your mid Back & Lower Traps area will be very tight.  If not, then no intense feeling.  Ensure you are doing it right.  Just do air Y Raise can result in the same feeling.  Remember, try to externally rotated during the process.  Meaning the thumb is pointing out & back.  You can do it by standing or lying.  Lying versions will be more intense and effective.


This ex already strengthen most of the muscles mentioned above.  Do 3-5 sets is good enough.  Better twice a day in the morning & night.  Apart from the training part, Don’t forget to do more Stretching.  Particularly the Chest part.  Because many pressing movements are involved during daily training.  Chest/Front Deltoid & Lats are so tight, And need to be stretched regularly.  Stretch not only after the the workout,  But also on a regular basis.  To make them more loose.  If you can persist the above advice for weeks & months.  The posture must be greatly improved.


But I believe many of you have tried the similar move but didn’t receive the result you expected.  Why?

  • First, most people don’t persist.
  • Second, even if you persist the above strengthening & stretching. The reason is that besides the routine you persists, The remaining 2x hours is the main cause. If you are rounding back for reading/computer/phone for 2x hours, Just don’t expect the few minute rectifying routine can save you from the 2x hours of stepping back. So in order to fully rectify the posture, You must keep your posture upright ALL the time, Then you may get a shot.


Otherwise, you will be like people  Who want to lose weight, but eat TONS of crap.  Spend more & more time to do the training & stretching  Cannot outweigh the bad posture you are holding consistently.  For that, Insurmountable of patience & self-discipline are needed.  Good luck everyone.

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