Fitness Myths – The Lies You Have Been Told To!

Few myths you may have heard of or believed in.


#1 Rest 1 min.

Many people still think that the shorter the rest time, such as 1 min, 30s, the better.  This is not totally true.  The fundamental criteria for the rest time is the recoverability, meaning you need to also recover to the your last set.  Only with that recoverability, the shorter the better.

  • If you have a shorter rest time but your performance drop significantly set by set, then it means your rest time is too short.
  • If you have to do each set for 10-12 reps by compromising (lowering) the weight, then it means no enough stimuli for the muscle growth.

We have to strike the balance between the weight used & the rest time.  But, rest time can be much longer than you may think, like 3 min, or even 5 min for strength training, particularly the heavy compound lifts like Squats/Deadlift,  requires much longer rest to recover and to stimulate the muscle.


#2 Protein shake is necessary for building muscle.

Indeed, many gym goers have consumed Protein shake.  But does it means protein shake is necessary for muscle growth, No protein shake no gains?

This is not true!  The purpose of consuming Protein shake is to absorb enough Protein.  In other word, if you have enough protein intake everyday,  then Protein shake/ other supplements are not needed.  Meaning if you have enough protein source in you daily diets like meats/beans etc, that can be enough for your muscle growth.

Protein shake is only a convenient/easy way Because 1 serving of protein shake have around 20g of Protein and they are easy to consume, making it much easier for you to consume quite a lot of amount of Protein.

#3 Eat and grow fat before you train.

Becoming fat does One thing good for you: Increase in strength.

However, Muscle & Fat are two separate things that cannot be inter-convertible.  If you eat a lot and become fat before you train,  Then you have to cut the fat when you have more muscle.  What a redundant move!

To be accurate, when we train to build muscle, we need to eat accordingly, probably a little bit more than usual people.  This may cause your body fat & muscle mass increase concurrently.  But DO NOT expect you can gain muscle with just eating but not serious training.


#4 Dieting is necessary for losing Fat.

How many of you have to reduce the meals for fat loss.  You probably experience some fat loss in the beginning,  then hit a fat loss plateaus with no further drops in weight.  eating that less,  accordingly to the conservation of Energy,  should keep the weight dropping.  But why it doesn’t?

The truth is that the body is born to adjust whatever move you do.  Even if you drop the a very low calorie intake diet, the body will soon adapt to it and making it the new norm by dropping the metabolic rate.  If so, it would become much harder for you to lose further weight.  Therefore, dieting alone won’t work.  You should incorporate may alternatives, like exercising more/ HIIT/Cardio/Weight to boost your energy consumption.

What’s more, you may need to eat more (to normal) to restore your normal metabolic rate.  Then you may have a chance to lose more fat.


#5 Muscle = Strength.

Typically, for the same person, with more muscle means more strength.  And yet, strength is more correlated to Neuron Recruitment.  Strength is directly related to the Neuron Recruitment than muscle.  You may have seen someone thin with very strong power, even stronger than a bulked guy.  In some way, Training Strength is mainly training your nerve than your muscle & joints.

You may notice the similarity size in Bodybuilding & in Powerlifting, but the different strength among these two category.  (Powerlifting lift much heavier).  This is because Powerlifting guys do strength training in which their nerve and joints are trained to adapt heavy loads, not particularly the muscle size/hypertrophy.


The above myths may be the reasons holding you back.  I hope you can gain some things from this video.

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