Fitness Mindset Myths that Hold You Back – The Second one Drives People NUTS!

A few mindsets that you should not have.


#1 Only Those like Fitness can get a good physique.

You might thought that those with good physique must be gifted with Natural inclination towards Fitness.  The truth is that not many of them like Fitness in the very beginning.  Fitness training is hard, strenuous and sore, and troublesome to deal with the diet.  Most people don’t like that neither.  But once more and more time & energy have been spent on Fitness, the result starts to come and then be fond of it.  Those who are good at Fitness doesn’t mean they like Fitness naturally.  But they like it more once with the obvious results.  The order: First result, then preference.  Not the other way around.  So don’t think that everyone like to train at the beginning.  And we shall not have the excuse that:  “I naturally don’t like Fitness training, that’s why I get bad shapes.”  You should judge only after you have stuck with your Fitness Journey for a while.


#2 I don’t like to be muscular.

This mindset should not come from ones who are into Fitness.  A trained guy would have known that it is very hard to be muscular.  Even if you have a very strong desire to be muscular & strong, the success is not guaranteed.  Let alone you don’t have a very strong desire toward that goals nor don’t want to commit to it.  This is a crazy saying.  Just like those who say: “I don’t like high salary”.  Is it too NUTS?


#3 I am naturally FAT/THIN.

Indeed, Genetics determine a lot of things.  But if you have this mindset thinking that you naturally fat/thin, this is a Fixed Mindset and will hinder your growth.  No matter how naturally fat/thin/wired we are, all we need to do is to constantly improve ourselves.   Don’t let a fixed mindset hold you back.  Even it means you have to work harder than anyone else, you CAN still do it.  As long as you are committed, you will get it, sooner or later.  The questions is that: Are you willing to pay for the price?\


#4 Abs is made by Diet/Fat loss alone.

This is not completely true.  True that abs is visible in a lower Body Fat Percentage.  But Abs is also a typical muscle which needs training to grow bigger and stronger for better definition.  You can notice that endurance athletes with a very low Body Fat.  Don’t have a serious six pack abs.  On the other hands, those Fitness dudes with not very low Body Fat looks much more defined.  So, if you want a serious six packs,  You need abs training to stimulate its growth.


#5 Training needs to be FUN.

If you are just doing exercises, I believe Fun is a helpful element for you to stick with it.  But if you want a stronger & better defined body shape,  then you have learn to distinguish between

Exercise vs Training.

Training is not too much fun.  Training is not too easy.   Fun is good and helpful in some ways,  like you can go with your friends Gym buddies/ trainers.  But all these are just luxury.  The journey of Fitness is too long that.  Don’t expect anyone/anything will stick with you permanently.  Even if you have interesting workout program, the fun part won’t last.  All are just repetitions after repetitions.  The true companion is just your Self-Discipline.  Stick with it until it is done.


#6 Quality/Intensity/Quantity is most important.

If you are a beginner, learning the good form (Quality) is the most important thing.  But for a trained lifters with a driven mindset.  In fact, quality alone is not enough, Nor Intensity/Quantity.  No single thing is most important,  but rather, they are equivalently important.  Missed one, then no stimulation can be made.  For example,

  • If Quality is the key, could you get a good result from training your pressing ex. with 10lbs Dumbbell?
  • If Intensity is the key,  All you will do is to add more weight, and then simply destroying your form set by set.  Clearly it doesn’t work,  And might probably injure yourself as well.
  • If Quantity is the key, How about few hundred reps for each ex, does it work?

Everybody should have known that all the variables in a equation  carry a vital portion and cannot be omitted.  Only a slight adjustment can be made with different training methods.  And you may wonder how to adjust their elements?  The answers can be learnt from experienced lifters.


Finally, after watching this video, I hope you can learn something useful and improve yourself.

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