Feel Like Quitting? Change Your Mindsets with these 2 Advice.

One of the reasons why people quit training is that they don’t see the result they expected.  So they don’t get the motivation to keep moving forward.

“So it is a trap, right?  Why would I bother spend so much time & energy working out if the result is not guaranteed.”

If you have a mindset like that – A Result Oriented Mindset, the chances are you may quit almost everything in life.

“Success is not guaranteed, Struggle is.”


In pursuing the Fitness Goals, the journey is very long.  The progress is so small & slow.  And sometimes you mess up, You get injured or you lose your motivation or you don’t have the time to workout.


Okay, here is my advice how to persist:


#1 Develop Growth Mindset

#1 You have to change your Result Oriented Mindset to a Solution Oriented Mindset.  (aka. Growth Mindset)  Meaning, you have to figure out why you don’t get result which may mean you have to look at everything you did:

  • Have you sticked to your Diet Plan/ Workout Plan?
  • Have you pushed hard enough?
  • Did you have the self-discipline to execute everything you have planned to do?
  • Have you asked your Coach/ Fitness Expert for advice?
  • Could you be humble enough to follow their advice instead of yours.

All these things matter.  With a Growth Mindset, you have to do whatever it takes to get the result you wanted.  If one doesn’t work out, try another one, seek another advice, gain more knowledge about it, improve your self-discipline and work ethics,  continuously push harder and harder.  And keep moving forward.  That’s how winning is done.


#2 Values Hard Work & Discipline

My second advice is that: You have to change your identity towards someone who values Hard Work & Discipline.   As I say all the time, fitness is about how many efforts you put in.   The most important factor determining your result is the self-discipline.  In other words, you have to do things that are good for you even if you don’t enjoy doing them.  So how to develop your self-discipline?

  1. One is that you just force it willingly.  This is true for some individual, but not all. It is not effective because your willpower will be consumed rapidly along the way.
  2. So, here’s another approach:  Use the Habit Loop.  Habit Loop consists of 3 parts:  Cue(Trigger), 2. Routine, 3. Reward. Meaning, once you encountered a Trigger, then you execute the routine (Workout Routine), then you will be rewarded. As a result, you will increase the likelihood to repeat the process again.
    • The one I want to emphasise is the Reward part.  Many people reward something they like but are not good for them, like a delicious food or go out partying.  These kind of rewards contradict the result, making it one step away from the goal.
    • So, the proper reward should be something meaningful and helpful for your journey.  The easiest and most inexpensive reward is the neurochemical reward (feeling),  Meaning you get high or happy , or some feeling like a sense of proud every time you have done your routine.  That means you have to change your identity towards someone who values Hard Work & Discipline.  Someone like that just get happy when they have finished a workout because they know the efforts they put in.  With a small self talk like:
    • “I said it and I will do it.”, “No one can outwork me.”  They just get a happy feeling as a reward.  Which also reinforces the Habit Loop,  Making it easier to stick to your workout plan.  Working out constantly for a long period of time is hard, So making it as a pleasant habit will definitely helps.


With the above advice:

  1. Develop a Growth Mindset (Solution Oriented Mindset)
  2. Values Hard Work & Discipline.

You will hang on to your Fitness Journey despite the difficulties.


At last, you may wonder why I speak English in this entire video?

You may see that I am not good at speaking English.  I can’t speak fluently.   I am not confident and comfortable at that.  So why would I embarrassed myself in front of all these audience?  In fact, I just want to lead by example, with a Growth Mindset, we need to step out of our comfort zone, keep practicing, and getting better every single time.  The contents I delivered in the entire channel are not just meant for Fitness, but for life as a whole.  If you get it, you GOT IT.  If you don’t, TRY TO.   Critic and comments are welcome.  Good Luck and stay hard, everyone.  Goodbye.

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