Fat Loss – My Way to Lose Body Fat


This video is an illustrative video of my previous fat loss video.  I will share my fat loss experience as a reference.  When I feel I am about to lose physique, I will start a mini-cut routines


1. Diet and Calories Control

When I am cutting, I don’t count the calories that I need to eat.  Rather, I will estimate the amount of calories deficit I needed, and make some following changes:

  • No drinks, so as to decrease the secretion of insulin (& calorie intake).
  • No chicken skins/ fatty meats, so as to decrease the calorie intake
  • Smaller volume of meals (10-20% less), so as to decrease the calorie intake.

Basically if you can do the above, which definitely contribute to 400+ kcal reduction.


2. Good Sleep

I, myself often suffer from insomnia.  This is not easy for me as well.  But I have some advice:

  • Don’t sleep late.  At least 6-7 hours of sleep.
  • No working at night, including emails, messages.
  • Better read before sleep.
  • If you have to work with phone or laptop, try to lower the screen’s brightness and install blue light filter software, which help to simulate the natural dark environment for melatonin secretion and help you sleep better.


I will not discuss the benefits of good sleeping to fat loss in detail.  You may read more from book 《Sleep Smarter》or listen to the author.


3. Increase Exercises

As I train regularly, I simply need to make little changes in my routines:

  • I will add some low intensity abs exercises between my regular sets, so as to increase the total work done and maintain a better abs shape.
  • If I need to expedite the process, extra cardio/HIIT sessions will be added.


4. Intermittent Fasting

16/8 Intermittent Fasting (IF) is my thing.  The fed state is within 8 hours, for instance, 12:00 noon – to 8:00pm.  The fasted state lasts for 16 hours, during which I only drink water.

I believe there are some doubts concerned about IF.  Here’s some clarifications:

1. Fasting is not starving, dieting nor a diet.

It is just a feeding timetable protocol.  How much you eat and what you eat are completely up to you.  The most common way is to skip breakfast or delay it to noon.

2. Why it benefits fat loss?

  • If you skip breakfast, then it is an significant calorie reduction.
  • During a long time no food intake, the insulin level will drop to a low level, which favours the secretion of growth hormone and help fat loss & maintain muscle.
  • It helps improve the insulin sensitivity.  That means you need less secretion of insulin for bring down the blood glucose level.  Less insulin, less fat storage.

There are many benefits about fasting, like saving money & time, anti-cancer etc.  We will discuss it in the future.



The above is just my way to fat loss.   I typically lose 1-2 lbs/week.  I will adjust according to the physique and weight changes.  I don’t pay attention to body fat % number as I pay more attention to my physique.

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