Core Muscles Training at Home – Abs, Balance & Strengh. No Equipment Needed!

Today we will have a core muscle training.  Apart from the abdominal muscles, lower back and hips are also a part of core muscles.  Many core muscle movements involved some balance.  Or the ability to control the body, hands and feet to do some stabilize,fix and balancing movements to your body. In these movements,  the coordination of our hands,feet and the body’s ability to control the center of gravity require repeated practice and strength improvement, in order doing it.  So our movements today will be more difficult than usual abdominal movements.


Training Exercises

There are three exercises.  And three different levels of progression will be given.  I hope progression will be made through different levels of difficulty.  Everyone’s power and control can improve continuously.  So as to achieve some higher strength and movements that require a lot of core strength,  For example, some dragon flags, handstands, etc. We will focus on strength training for the first two movements.  The third exercise will be a balance training.  Due to the recent situation, so many people can only train at home with no equipment. So today’s movements can also be done at home. No equipment and crossbar.


1. Drag Flag Type

The first exercise is Dragon Flags.  Dragon flag is a very high intensity exercise, a lot of abdominal muscle strength, Core strength and back muscle tension will be needed.  But there maybe no any stable objects at home that you can hold on without falling.  So we will adjust the exercise.  Using hands to press on the ground as a support.  Because it will become more difficult, So it is very hard to make a full version of Dragon Flag.  We will do dragon flag with bend knee.  The strength after bending the knee will decrease a lot, So the strength of the combination is actually just right.


Pay attention to the difference between dragon flag and leg lift.  In Dragon flag,entire back will leave the ground.   Entire upper body and back move. Keep your legs still.


This version of Dragon flag is actually not easy to make.  So we will have some beginners’ practices.   Just make a leg raise.  The leg lifts is same as the abdominal muscles exercise. Control the speed of moving up and down.  It’s better to be slow, the lower back should be stuck to the ground. If you think this is easy, We have an advanced version here.   Let’s raise the legs with rotation.  Side core muscles will be more used, which is the oblique. This is also an effective exercise.  Choose the appropriate version of training depending on your abilities.


2. L-Sit Type

The second exercise is L Sit, L Sit is actually quite difficult.  The shoulders and triceps will work hard.  The abdominal muscles also require hard work. If the power part is fine,  Doing it on the ground and last for ten seconds means you are actually pretty good.  Advanced version is V sit. However, V sit has higher requirements for strength.  Flexibility will be preferred as well, so this exercise is not particularly  recommended.


But I guess L-sit has already stumped many people.  If you fail to complete L-sit, you can do a assisted L-sit leg raise.  My hand is on the front, Going out and pushing hard.   This will make lift raise harder.   If you find this is too difficult, We can do the most basic Seated leg raise.  I believe most people can handle the Seated leg raise.  Remember to tighten your abdomen in all leg lifting movements.  Don’t let the belly swell up.  Choose an exercise that suits your strength intensity to train.


3. Frog Stand Type

Frog Stand/Crow Pose

When your core has a certain power,  Let’s do some more difficult moves.  The difficulty is that we have to learn how to control the body to achieve balance.  It may about controlling the movement of the core, the force of the hand and the shift of the center of gravity, etc. We will do a frog stand. The most basic frog stand is like crow pose.  The examples have shown in the video. We have two versions:

  1. The first one will be easier. We put the thighs outside the arms.
  2. The harder version.  Knee is behind the elbow.

You can compare the two. If you can easily maintain it for about ten seconds, then I believe you can do the next level.


Frog Stand with Leg Extended

In the next version:

  1. Stretch out one leg and hold.  If you can hold more than ten seconds, try to keep alternating left and right feet. Left foot in and out, right foot in and out.  Your center of gravity will change continuously during the process.  It’s not easy to control this movement.  At this time, you are exercising your core and coordination.
  2.  If you are fine, try to point the direction of leg extension to the left and right alternately. Then your control of the core and the center of gravity must be more demanding. If you can do 8-10 times. I believe your power control is also quite good. So you can challenge the more difficult one.


Assisted Airbaby

For example, the frog stand that tend to one side, which is the assisted version of Airbaby.


No matter where your abilities are, just find the level of movement that suits your ability. Train slowly and you will make progress. When you improve, you can do more difficult moves. The difference between this and training abdominal muscles is, it takes a high reps to train the abdominal muscles, so that the pain is better. The goals of exercising these are different. What we are looking for is progress in strength. So we have to continue to challenge more difficult moves. Also related to the progress of coordination. These must be through continuous training, such as body control, neurone connection etc. Of course, if you practice more, it will also help your abs and lower back.  Today we are talking about the relationship between the upper body and the core, actually lower body movements are also related to balance and core.  Let’s discuss next time.


The purpose of this video is hoping everyone of us can train the core at home or in a narrow place. When your strength improves, you can practice more difficult and intense movements. Making the core look good, also used it in practice. Some difficult moves, for example, dragon flag and the front lever also require a lot of core strength.  Dragon flag has also taught in previous videos. You can check it out if you are interested.

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