Chest Workout at Home. No Equipment Needed!

Today I will teach you how to exercise your chest at home.  Most people don’t have equipment at home.  You can only exercise your chest muscles with bodyweight training.  And bodyweight training may not have a lot of heavy weight.  And the atmosphere at home also prevents you from exercising for an hour or more.  So today this routine is specially used for exercising chest at home.  Mainly consists of Push Up.  We do about 8-10 sets.  Each group is conducted in super sets or drop sets.  In the case of limited intensity, try to count as much as possible to increase metabolic stress and stimulate muscle growth.  Without waiting, start our workout.


1. Archer + Regular Push Up

Firstly, we do 4-5 sets of the first movement, depending on your ability.  We will first do Archer Push Up.  We will do it left and right, we will concentrate on the other side.   It requires a little more force than Regular Push Up, and the strength will be higher.  We do around 12-16 reps.  When we are done, we can’t have rest, and do Regular Push Up immediately, around 8-10 reps.  Then rest for about 1 and a half minutes to 2 minutes, repeat and do it again.


Chest Activation

Remember that when we are doing chest workout, make sure to lift your chest, tuck your abdomen, sink your shoulders, clamp your back, and tuck your chin.  Especially the chest and shoulders should be fully lifted and depressed.  So it will focus more on the chest muscles.


2. Decline + Regular Push Up

Our second movement is Decline Push Up. Decline means that you are looking for something to prop up your foot to do Push Up.  The intensity of this action will be higher than Regular Push Up.  It will also exercise a little more upper part of the pectoral muscles.  We do about 12-16 reps.  Without rest after finishing,  Put your foot down immediately and return to Regular Push Up.  Also do about 8-10 reps.  When you do this action, your physical strength should be depleted to a certain extent.  So you will feel tired and even unable to complete that number of reps.  Do your best!


The same rests for about 1.5 to 2 minutes.  When you get closer to the end,  your strength should be declining continuously.  Even the posture is not so standard, the speed may not be well controlled.  It doesn’t matter, as long as the posture is not too outrageous, keep doing it.  We have to do that number of reps to feel sourness and powerlessness.  This can stimulate muscle growth.  Especially when it comes to the second half of the dropset or superset, you maybe really have no power.  If you can’t do Regular Push Up, we can do a kneeling position with push up to reduce the intensity of the action to complete the last few reps.


When the action has been completed during training,  your chest muscles should feel the pimp and tiredness. If your front deltoid and triceps feel tired,and the chest muscles don’t feel at all,  then you have to pay attention to whether your posture is standard or not.  Or are the reps we select beyond the controllable range?  This workout is suitable for some experienced people.  You can adjust the reps of exercises yourself.  If you are a beginner, the latter part:  10 Push Up, you don’t need to do it.  Just do the previous part.  Adjust the reps and sets by yourself.  The entire workout takes about 20-25 minutes.  Warm-up and stretching are included and can be completed in half an hour.


The workout is of course not as comprehensive and as many as you train in the gym.  But we can’t underestimate its role.  Training time of 20-30 minutes is more suitable for us in a low-motivation and unpleasant environment.  In the current situation, we don’t know when we can return to the gym or park to train.  We should try our best to train with limited resources and environment.  I hope we can maintain our motivation, self-discipline, habits, body shape and strength.  When things get better, we can persistent efforts and break through.

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