Bulking for Hardgainer – Find The Problem! (Does Genetics Matters?)

Why some people won’t grow any muscle even if they eat enough, some people get fat even if they eat so little?

In fact, everyone’s body is different.  It may due to the genetics, the life-style issue or the age problem.  So everyone response differently.  Some get fat easily while some get muscle easily.  And yet some are struggling in both building muscle or gaining fat.

Today we will focus more on how the hardgainer/ skinny guys who struggles to gain any weight.


#1 Not Eating Enough

The first and foremost issue they are facing is Not Eating Enough.  As mentioned in the last video, in order to gain muscle/weight, enough Caloric intake and Protein intake are needed  as well as the training.


Indeed, some guys are not eating enough for muscle growth.  For a grown man,  if ONE bowl of rice is too much for you, then it means that you probably are eating not enough.  Though everyone has different height, weight, age, and thus have different caloric needs.  But, if you really want to build muscle, The chances are you need to eat more than usual.  Even you have no appetite or feels full, if you really want to build muscle size, then enough caloric intake should be met even if you have to force yourself.


#2 High Metabolic Rate

The second issue they are facing is High Metabolic Rate.  Some people, especially teenagers  They have a generally higher metabolic rate which means they have to eat more calorie to maintain the basic functions.  On the contrary , the metabolic rate decreases with age.  Some guys start to getting fatter when they are 20-30.  This may attribute to the decreased metabolic rate.


And yet, if you always have the high metabolic rate like teenagers and want try to build muscle.  Then you need more and more calorie & nutrition.  Then how much is “more”?  In my opinion, you should test yourself.  Meaning you have to increase your caloric intake gradually until your body responses.  When you have overcome this plateau, you will learn how much is needed for your muscle growth.


But, some people just won’t grow anything  Even if they eat much more.  That may due to the third problem:


#3 Digestion & Absorption Problem

Digestion and Absorption Problem can be a genetics issue,  but also may be an acquired life-style/diet issue.  The inborn genetics cannot be altered, but the acquired issue can be improved.  There are some points to note:

  1. Sufficient Rest & Sleep.
  2. Don’t live in a stress environment for a long period of time. Try to relax from time to time.
  3. The food should be clean and healthy.
  4. Avoid food that you can’t digest & absorbed or any allergic food, like those cause you diarrheas,those cause you Itchy skin etc.


In general, you have to first take care of your body before you can take care of your muscle.  Because a bad capability of digestion/absorption

is like a barrel with a giant hole.  No matter how much water you pour in, it still cannot be fully filled.  Nutrition is the same. No matter how much food you eat, without a proper digestion/absorption system to process, all the food eaten will be a waste.  In fact, the most important thing is to locate the issue and then improve it.


BTW, for convenience, I combine weight gain and muscle gain as the same thing.  But in fact, they are not the same.  Weight gain, could be a water gain or fat gain.  So, apart from normal weight scale,  It would better if there is more precise equipment for measurement of muscle mass.



As there are many factors affecting building muscle, besides nutrition, training, sleep etc., genetics, hormones play a huge role in this.  We can simplify two components:

  • The Ease to Gain Muscle.
  • The Ease to Gain Fat.

And every one is different in above components.  So if nutrition, sleep, training is done properly during bulking,

  • Plus, if you are the type who is easy to gain muscle.  Then most of the weight gain could be muscle gain.
  • On the other hand, if you are the type who is easy to gain fat, but hard to gain muscle. Then all the weight gain doesn’t means muscle gain.  May be a little muscle gain, but also more water and fat gain.  This is a harsh truth.  All we can do is do whatever we can to improve it under a limited circumstance.  May be the rate of muscle growth is slower.  May the fat gain ratio is higher.  But don’t get too upset.  I believe we can achieve the same result, Just with a little bit more time and effort.


The issues about getting fat easily & skinny fat will be discussed in future videos.

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