Back Workout at Home – Does it Work Seriously?

What can we to exercise the back at home, It’s nothing more than row: One Arm Row, Two Arm Row, Seated Row, Bentover Row, Dumbbell Row, Resistance band Row, One more for you: Dragon Flag.    Many people ask how to exercise back at home.  The exercises just mentioned can help you.  However, I believe that many people may not have proper dumbbells at home, Or a resistance band with appropriate weight.  In this case, the exercise effect of the back must not be ideal.  Unless you are a novice,  You may use light weight to train.  But if you train for a while, I would recommend you to go to the park to train seriously.  Park training must be much more effective than home training.


When I made this video, Fitness rooms are still closed.  Most of parks are actually closed.  However, the closure of parks in different places is very different.

  • Some parks can actually let you train.  There are fewer closed facilities, so you can train as usual.
  • Of course, some parks are closed, and some people still train as usual.  But there will be security driving you away.
  • The most exaggerated are closed to no training at all.


Before I teach these exercises,  I hope you can leave a comment. Tell me if there are any parks near you with complete equipment for training, and not to be driven away by security.  Then, other people can also know that there is a park for training.  So they do not have to go to parks, and realize the park is completely closed and can’t train at all.


Train at Park

Then we will introduce a very simple back training routine.  It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate trainers to train.

  1. The first exercise: Pull Up.  Depending on your ability, you can do as many reps as you can.  We do about 4-6 sets.  I have mentioned in many videos:  Pull Up is the king of back exercise.  So I would rather you go to the park to do more sets of Pull Up.  It’s better than doing ineffective back training at home.  The effect must be better.
  2. If you can’t do Pull Up, Or do Pull Up and get very tired, Let’s change to another exercise:  Australian Pull Up.  You have to find a lower bar to do it.  The lower the bar, the higher the difficulty.  You can also adjust the inclination of your body and the position of your feet.  This will affect the intensity of the exercise.  Similarly, we do about 12-15 reps and do 4 sets.
  3. Then we will do it again: Assisted Pull Up.  We need to find a bar of appropriate height to do it.  This height is probably the height of your whole person, or the lower is fine.  When we do this exercise, we actually use our feet to assist us exert force.  Help us do Pull Up.  If your upper body is not strong enough, your feet should exert more force.  On the contrary, if you have a strong upper body, your feet should exert less force.  Pay attention when doing this exercise.  Our upper body should be as vertical as possible.  Don’t put your hip or feet too far.  Make your body too skewed. We do Pull Up, the ideal is to maintain straight up and straight down movements.  We do 4 sets, about 12-15 reps.


This training routine is suitable for beginners or intermediate trainers.  If you are an advanced trainer,  It’s very simple, you can do ten or twenty sets of Pull Up.  The effect is already very good.  Or, you can refer to my previous bodyweight back training video.


Train at Home

If you really don’t even want to go to the park, Or if there is no park nearby, How do we train our back at home?  First of all, you have to have enough equipment.  The equipment mentioned here includes: dumbbells with appropriate weight.

  • The ideal proper weight is actually some adjustable dumbbells.  Between the weight you usually use in the gym.  Probably 40-60 lb dumbbells.
  • It may also be a resistance band with appropriate weight.  You also know that resistance bands are not so easy to use.  Sometimes too tight, sometimes too loose.  Sometimes too heavy, sometimes too light.  Therefore, the resistance band is not an ideal tool.  But in the absence of resources, we can only do everything.


It depends on how much equipment you have and your own abilities. We have at least 3-4 exercises.

  1. At least 1-2 exercises are one arm row.  The most important thing about one arm row is that we must understand  How to activate your lats to do this exercise.  We have to hold it when we pull over.  Try to squeeze your lats while holding.  You must feel your lats are very tight.  Then it is an effective one arm row.  I also have a very detailed instruction on this action in the previous video.  If you are interested, you can watch that video back.
  2. Then we do 1-2 two arm row exercises.  There is a big difference between two arm row and one arm row.  One arm row focus on the tightness of lats.  And the two arm row focus on retraction of the middle back.  Whether you are doing Seated Row with a resistance band,  Or you are doing Bentover Row,  Remember to pay attention:  When we pull it up, we should try our best to chest up and squeeze our back.  Feel the tightening in the middle of the back.  If you are doing Bentover Row, remember to keep your upper body and lower back as straight as possible.  Otherwise it may cause unnecessary strain on your lower back.
  3. If you still have strength, you can do Dragon Flag.  If you watch my last video,  You will know that doing Dragon Flag requires a stable fixture.  If you don’t have one, you can’t do it.  But if you have it, you will find that Dragon Flag not only exercises your core,  Your back muscles also exert a lot of force.  So it is also a good back training exercise.


The most hopeful thing is that when this video is released,  Gyms have been reopened and parks have been unblocked.  Everyone can also go to parks and fitness rooms to train.  Then it’s the best.

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