5 Tips for a Better Sleep.

Sleep is quite crucial to our body recovery, especially for Fitness guys.  For muscle building, losing fat, Hormonal secretion, stamina and recoverability reply heavily on the quality & the length of the sleep.  Today, I will share tips about it.


First one is the most important one.


#1 Wake Up Early and Stay Active

Have you tried experienced something like that you can sleep well in working days but not holidays?  If you did, One of the reasons is that

  • You wake up early in working days but late in holidays.  Waking up early means longer waking hours.  As long as you are not stay sedentary all day long, you need to stay active and this makes you tired.  You are so tired when the night comes.
  • On the other hand, you wake up late in holiday.  The waking hours is not long and the activities within is not intense, you will have much more energy left for the day even if the night time has come.  And that’s why you can’t sleep well.


In short, STAY ACTIVE, Whatever active means to you: Exercise/ Working… As long as it consumes your energy, you will be sleepy and get a good night sleep.  And, the waking hours should be longer so that you need to wake up early and stay active.


#2 More Sunlight

Studies show that sunlight is beneficial to our sleep.  When the sunlight is not too intense, like in the morning/evening, we should get some sunlight by going outside for 0.5 – 1 hr, which will benefits our sleep quality.

Getting Sunlight is useful because it helps to regulate our physiological clock, endocrine, melatonin etc.  So, let’s get more Sunlight.  But note the recent weather is too hot with high UV, we should avoid stay outside for long in the noon/PM.  Otherwise,  you will darken your skin or getting sunburn.


#3 No Energy Drinks

Coffee, Tea included.  Some people rely on these drinks for handling the works. But you have to aware the effects and your response.  Someone may have troubles in sleep just because the lemon tea he drank that afternoon.  Although it is not a typical ones.  This entirely depends on your body and response.

The simple way to learn about your body and response is to take records.  Record the days with drinking vs NOT drinking, the time to drink etc.  BTW, don’t drink at nights.

#4 Calm Yourself Before Sleep.

Calm down your emotions, no more stress nor excitement.

  • Stress and Anxiety usually come from Work And Life.  Just don’t think about them 0.5 hr before sleep.  Give yourself some times.
  • The same applies to excitement.  Don’t watch exciting movies or tempting TV episodes.  Otherwise, you cannot resist the temptation, or non-stop thoughts will be floating in your mind.
  • What’s more. Don’t watch something will invoke your emotions, like news, politics.


Just get some times to stretch or read before sleep.  Boring books will definitely helps 100% for sure.


#5 Change a Pillow

One of the reasons you can’t sleep well is that Your pillow doesn’t fit your sleeping posture or your body structure.  For example, Back Sleeper vs Side Sleeper  Require two different type of Pillows.  They need different altitude for the best experience.  Let’s say your pillow is not tall, which is good for Back Sleeper.  And yet you are side sleeper, then you will find yourself some discomforts in your neck because your head is actually lean downward.  To ease the problem,  You need your hands or something to make it taller.


You should do more research on that to find out which type of pillows suit you.


At last, bonus tips:


#6 Temperature should not be high.

The optimal temperature for sleep is lower than Room temperature, probably 20°C.  Since everyone is different, you have to find your own temperature by trial & errors.  That means you might need to turn on Fans/Air Conditioners in Summer,  Get more quilt in Winter.


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