5-minute Push Up Workout (Self Discipline!)

This I just want to share a message:

First Discipline, then Result

You could afford to miss a workout, but not self-discipline.  If you want to have result in fitness, you must have the self-discipline.  There are lots of things in life will hold you back.  If you somehow missed a workout session, you can do something to redeem.  All you need to do is do a short workout like 5-10 min to maintain your body and self-discipline.


5-minute Push Up Workout

I will demonstrate a simple 5 min push up workout that you can do it anywhere and anytime.  Only low-medium intensity exercises, yet challenging.   Composed of two action sets with short rest time interval, focusing on metabolic stress.

  1. Diamond Push Up
  2. Push Up + Knee Push Up


First: Diamond Push Up and then rest ~20s.  Then a drop set: Regular Push Up and Knee Push Up without any rest in between.  Try to keep the form clean.  Moderate tempo.  Short rest time will lead to fatigue and sore very quick.  Rest 30s after the drop set.  Total 3 times, the reps: 15/12/10.


This type of high-rep training may not include high intensity exercises, yet it can create metabolic stress for muscle growth and maintenance.  It cannot be compared to 1 hr workout.  But at least you have exerted your best efforts at the limited time and resources.  No Excuse and Do the Work!  This is the foundation of self-discipline.

It doesn’t matter how long is the workout, it could be 5 or 10min, what type of exercises, it could be squat for 5 min, jumping jacks for 5 min.  What’s matter is you have done the work towards toward your goals.


This mentality that “I said I will do it and I will do it no matter what” is the message I would like to deliver.


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