5 minute Abs Workout

Today, I will share with you a simple abs workout.  If you just have 5 minute a day for your abs,  what would you do?  How to select the exercises when there are tons of abs exercises?  But why not focus one 1-2 suitable exercises instead?  Crunches? Nope.  Plank? No…


Around The World

Hanging Around The World

If I have to choose one, Around The World would be my choice.  This exercise is not easy.   It trains the abs and core stability.  It targets the obliques and lower abs,  as well as the grip strength.  Do 8-12 reps with moderate speed.  Rest ~30s.  Do 5 sets in 5 minutes,  which is quite intense.


Lying Around The World

If you train at home without a pull up bar,  you can do this exercise on the floor. (with a mat)  Apply the same training principle.  Use both of your hands for stability.   At the top, lift your hips up for peak abs contraction.


Leg Raise

If you think Around the World is too hard for you,  try Leg Raises exercises instead.


Hanging Leg Raise

This targets your lower abs and core.  Please resist the gravity during eccentric portion, aka. slower tempo.  Apply the same training principle as above.  Do 8-12 reps.  Moderate Speed. Rest ~30s.


For home trainees, there are two versions:

Parallel Bar Leg Raise

Leg raise with two chair as if they are parallel bars.

  • A single bar version: Relies on grip strength.
  • Parallel bar version: Relies on Shoulder (& Chest & Triceps).

Both exercises work quite good for the abs.


Lying Leg Raise

It is a  easier progression.  The details of this exercise have been discussed in previous video.

There is only a particular caution I would like to emphasize again.  When your legs almost reach the ground, you MUST keep your lower back sticking to the ground.  If your core is not strong enough, your lower back will arch automatically and a gap is created between your lower back & the ground,  resulting in lower back pain.  So you must adjust the motion according to your level,  Don’t intent to go for Full Range of Motion if you are not capable.  Rather, you may reduce lower the intensity (Bent Knee) or reduce the range of motion.  Please don’t sacrifice your spinal health just for the sake of Full Range of Motion nor Perfect Form.



This training, 5 sets in about 5 minute, can be incorporated into your daily routine.  You may simply add 1-2 more exercises making it 10-minute workout.  Don’t forget to stretch your abs and strength your lower back when you have done a lot of abs works, because they are important for an injury-free body.

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