5 Fitness Mistakes – Slow You Down!

Today, we will discuss the common Fitness training mistakes.  These mistakes will slow you down.


#1 False Expectation

We often see very amazing Fitness results in the Internet or in the Ads.  E.g. XX-week Amazing Body transformations.  Losing lots of weights and gaining lots of muscles.  The bodies look like two different people.  We tend to believe that these are the norm, and everyone can do it.  Nevertheless, everyone’s body is different.  The affordable efforts are not the same as well.  The results, thus, must be greatly varied.  Please do not try to compare yourself with the amazing results on the Internet.


Moreover, they tends to emphasise results in the advertisement by showing the most impressive examples and hiding the normal or failure examples.  If you try to compare yourself with them, you will probably jeopardise your self-esteem instead, and it does not serve you at all.


#2 Training with Injury

When you train hard, sure there will be some discomforts/ soreness.  However, if you rush to push yourself to make progress, the chances are you might get yourself injured.

  • Training heavy without proper warm up and caution,  You might injure yourself, tearing muscle/ tendon etc.
  • Training too much & too often may cause joint issue and injury.  These type of injury is accumulated throughout time.  Please be aware of that.
  • Further, training heavy or with high intensity causes huge loads to the muscle.  You will get injury if you train too often with heavy loads If you are not capable of that.

As long as you feel pains/discomforts in Bone/Joint/Tendon/Ligaments which are symptoms of injury, You should probably take a break. Rest and recover.  Treatments may be needed.


#3 No Specific Goal

As mentioned in previous video, no specific goal or too many concurrent goals will lead to no progress/result.

You training program/schedule should be designed according to your goal.  Too many goals leads to messy program or impossibility of execution.  For example, when you first start to Skill Calisthenics.  You might want to learn some moves like Muscle Up, Front Lever etc.  But at the same time, you want to maintain your hard-gained muscle.  So your routine includes Hypertrophy workout followed by Skill workout.  At the end, you probably end up learning/gaining nothing.

If you shift your focus to one area – Skill Calisthenics.  Then, faster progress is guaranteed.   Thus, single goal is very crucial to training.  No matter your goals – Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Skill, Strength, or whatever  Just Pick ONE.  Once you have chosen, you can then refine your goal to a very specific goal.  For example:

  • Build Muscle:  Which body parts are your top priority?
  • Skill: Which move do you want to learn?
  • Strength: Which move/muscle is your top priority?

A specific goal is very important for your planning.


#4 Inappropriate Program

A good training program should be specifically design for you and you only.  It should meet your current capability/status & schedule.  Applying the principle of Progressive Overload & Flexibility for you to adjust accordingly until you reach your goal.

The most common mistake people make is: The program is too ideal without actual consideration of real life complication.  Usually, the first few weeks are fine.  But, the motivations fades with time.  Then fail to stick to the program.  Further later, you don’t take the program seriously or just give up on that.  Therefore, the program cannot be too aggressive.  It should meet your capability and schedule.  Plus a longer duration of the deadline to ensure you can handle the variations along the way.



#5 Not Stick it through

Combined the above two point, the common mistake is that People change their goal too frequently even when they didn’t finish their prior goal yet.  For example, one who try to build muscles.   After a while, ideas will pop up like “Should I lose some belly fat first?”  “Should I better learn a Handstand instead”. As a result, the original goal and program are replaced or distracted by these thoughts/goals.

Too greedy for choosing goals definitely won’t help.   It is much better for you to Just Choose ONE and Execute  until it is done.


Finally, you should review yourself regularly.  If you have made these mistakes, just be aware of that from now on.

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