10min Abs Routine | How to persist in boring workout and Fitness Journey?

The journey of Fitness will take months and years to accomplish.  The process is tough and boring.  Most of the time is just doing Simple things repeatedly.  Repetitions equals boredom.  Just like what you are watching right now:  I am doing a simple abs routine,  Composed of Lying Leg Raise and Crunches only.  Very simple, just two exercises.  But If you can repeated do these routine 2-3 times/week for a whole year,  I can assure you the result is guaranteed.


Fitness Helpers

There are 3 types of helpers who can accompany you to finish the journey.


#1 GYM partners.

The friends that are training with you.  Training and chatting with friends make the whole process much pleasure and easy.  You can lift each other up.  Yet, when you rely on them,  most of whom are not that self-disciplined,  You may slow down your process because of them.


#2 Coach/Trainer

Most of them have more knowledge, experience, spirit and discipline than you.  With their help, guidance and urge,  You will probably get a better result.  And yet the biggest problem is that:  No money!


If you want to save your money without being so bored nor Relying too much on others,  The third type of helper is here for you:


#3 Phone + Earphones

In fact, most people love to listen to music while they are training/jogging/cycling.  Listening to your music will definitely make you feel better
And less bored.  Besides music, audio book is also a good choice.  Moreover, You can listen to motivational video/music just like me.

But it ain’t about how hard ya hit.  It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.  How much you can take and keep moving forward.  That’s how winning is done!

Watching/Listening to motivational videos definitely help you push harder,  Especially the last few reps.To do so, you first must have a good earphones.  The earphones from Sudio are good choices.


Sudio Earphones

Sudio is a brand from Sweden, advocating Nordic minimalist style.  Their true wireless earphones is one of the type.  The one I am using (Sudio ETT)

  • have a clear voice because of its Active Noise Cancelling feature.
  • Besides, it supports wireless charging.
  • The battery can sustain 24hr-long music.
  • With IPX5 Water protection,  It don’t bother them even when we sweat a lot in the workout.
  • Moreover, it is a in-ear earphones,  Which are usually hold steadily.  It won’t fall easily even when we have big movements.  In the package, there are different sizes of ear tips to fit the different sizes of needs.  It is kind of intimate moves.
  • Its charging case, technology and Bluetooth technology are high-quality.

You can what you pay for.  The price reveals its quality.  If you are interested Sudio’s earphones,  Please use the discount code “fitdevmo” to shop.  It would be a 15% off discount with only 3 months promotion.  If you shop within the the promotion, A 2020 design tote bag will be a free gift for you.  If you are interested, just visit their website and take action.

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