Overcoming Difficulty while Building Good Habits


Definition from Wikipedia:  “A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.”  In other words, a habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

Today, we are going to discuss the behavior habit.


The importance of habits

Most of our daily routines are made up of our habits, from the moment you wake up to go to sleep, like going to school, going to work, entertainment and exercising.  According to a study conducted by psychologists from Harvard University,  people spend about 47% of their waking time on mind-wandering, during which the behaviors are basically habits.  Since habits made up most of our time, our habits play a significant role to our lives.


Habits determine Achievement

A habit either makes you or breaks you.  A resourceful man would have always read and learn.  Warren Buffett , one of richest man in the world, has been well-known as reading 500 pages a day.  A muscular man would have always workout and train his body.  Hollywood action-movie star The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, trains 6 days a week.  On the other hand, some habits such as excessive smoking, drinking, shouting, blaming, fapping, binge-watching, procrastinating etc.,  can definitely make your life worse.


Keystone Habits

If you want to change your life, some good habits might help you.  Many individuals improve their lives drastically after forming these habits.  They become more healthier, energetic and proactive.  Some common good habits:

  • Reading, exercise, meditation , waking up early, healthy diet etc.

Those habits who can cause drastically good changes are keystone habits.  You may wonder what’s the special on these habits.  In fact, the main benefit is more likely the benefit of building the habit, rather than the benefit of the habit itself.


Overcome the Difficulties

The difficulty on building a good habit varies and also depends on the individual.

We often quit due to different circumstance.  We give up when we are too tired, too busy, sick, demotivated etc.  These are the times that the brain send signals to stop you from persisting on your habits you want trying to build.  Missing one day will often turn to several days and missing several days will often turn to couple weeks.  Eventually we fail to build the habit.  In the process of building a good habit, we have to keep pushing ourselves no matter what circumstance.  This requires a tremendous amount of willpower, discipline and motivation. When someone who is suffering physically and emotionally still try to persist on his good habits.  This is where he build his characters of strength and willpower.

The benefit come from the Process of Building Good Habits

Indeed, building a good habit is equivalent to building willpower and discipline.  When you successfully built a good habit, your willpower and discipline will improve drastically along with the benefits of that habit.  Your success will be recorded in your memory.  Your confidence and self-esteem will improve as well.  You will learn more about yourself like what will slow you down.  You will build yourself a mechanism of “building good habit” with which you can simply apply to the next habit.  Moreover, you will gain enormous amount of momentum which allow you to do more.

Taking exercising and fitness as an example:

  • Willpower, discipline, confidence: Greatly improved.
  • Better understanding on yourself: Know your strength and weakness along with the conditions that weaken you.
  • Mechanism of building good habits: A mechanism or a framework can be duplicated and applied to next habit to be formed.
  • Increased momentum: More momentum, more work done.
  • Benefit of the habit: Improved health and physique and raised awareness on healthy diet.


Why building a Keystone Habit can Change Your Life?

When we get older, we tend to think that we are born this way.  This is also known as “Fixed Mindset”.  It is difficult to those people to make a significant change, unless a tremendous amount of activation energy is provided by some serious events such as a trauma.  If they somehow successfully formed a good habit, this will break their old mindset and start to shift to “Growth Mindset”.  A chain reaction will be triggered.  They will start to change all the things they used to think they can’t change.  With the benefits stated above and the momentum attained, they will be more capable to change themselves.

Why some people doesn’t change drastically?

Each keystone habit will benefit your lives while just some people experienced game-changing impact.  Those people will be attributed the following types:

  1. They didn’t use the benefits attained for immediate goals and actions.
  2. Their keystone habits were formed long time ago.


No immediate goal and actions afterwards

One of the major reason is that they didn’t use benefits after they successfully built the good habits.  The earned momentum, willpower, discipline should be used immediately for next goals and actions before they fade out.  You must make the best uses of these benefits.  Otherwise you will end up like the 2nd type people, for which the old good habit is just another comfort zone.  In order to ignite the fire inside, you must make some changes and challenge yourself with new goals and actions.



The habits we have will pave the roads to your success or failure.  The good news is that we can all change our habits.




Wandering mind not a happy mind





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