How to Train Your Willpower & Self Discipline – Cold Shower – ft. David Goggins

The challenges you face in life, you may not overcome them despite the efforts.  You just can’t win.  You feel helpless, frustrated and pain.  Challenges in School, Work, Family, Relationship, Politics will overwhelmed you:  Negatives emotions, doubts, pain, helpless.  You may want to give up.  At this moment, you need Energy and Motives to help you.  Cookie Jar is the one.


Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar is named by former Navy Seal David Goggins.  It doesn’t contain real cookies but a bundle of life achievements and challenges that you have overcome in life.  No matter how big or small the challenge is, just put it into the Cookie Jar.  Some examples like you the intense studying for the University, running a Marathon,  Overcoming Depression etc.  They can also be the experiences of failing and getting back up again and again.  Like you try to create your own business but you fail and lose all the money and time.  You have to start all over again, again and again.  Eventually you have succeed once.  All these are the achievements deserve you to taste them again.


Review them one by one, during which, feel the difficulties you were facing, the efforts you were putting, and the victory.  Remind yourself how badass you are.  You are a goddamn motherf**ker.  Then, you body and spirit starts to connect by the positive emotions and feelings, you feel fresh, energized and powerful and start to prepare for war again.


You may wonder:  Errrr… It seems like I don’t have ONE achievement that I am proud of, then What?  um… First you must have One achievement to recall, but you have to commit to it.  I will give a simple and fast way to accomplish one achievement.  Alright, that is COLD SHOWER.


Cold Shower

You can find the benefits of Cold Shower in the Internet.  And you may find a bundle of them, like: Improve Immune System, Burning Fat, Refreshing, Improve Skin, Blood, Digestive System etc.  But none of them are my concern.  The most important one is that it helps us to strengthen our Willpower and Self-Discipline.  As a 2.5 year experienced practitioner, I may share some tips on how to build your willpower and self-discipline through Cold Shower. You have to fulfill 3 things:

  1. Mindset
  2. Self Talk
  3. Repetitions


#1 Mindset

First, Cold Shower is a choice that you choose.  No one is forcing you to do so.  Take the initiatives suffer voluntarily.

Suffering = Growth.

You can deem it as a training.  Working Out is Hard, but it pays back.  Taking Cold Shower is Hard, but it also pays back mentally.


#2 Self Talk

If you are taking Cold Shower in winter, you can feel:

“Very cold, cold, cold, please hurry…”

This kind of self talk doesn’t serve because it feels like you are suffering unwillingly.  If your behaviours and your heart fights, the result is diminished.


So what are we supposed to say instead?  Some examples to cope with this cold weather:  You can say to yourself:

“You can’t hurt me, motherf**ker! Can’t hurt me, can’t hurt me, can’t hurt me…”

um… cursing or not is entirely up to you.  As a gentlemen/lady, we can skip the foul languages.

“I am the most powerful human on this planet.  Cold Shower? Easy, Easy…”

When your actions (facing challenges and suffering) match your internal dialogue.  The result will reinforce your behaviour.  You can suffer to grow and strengthen your willpower and self discipline.


#3 Repetitions

Do thing ONE time doesn’t help.  We have to make it a habit.  You can take cold shower everyday like me.  Or you can take a few times/week.  It’s alright.  As I say earlier, we want to train our willpower so that you can have more willpower for the future challenges.  You can recall how badass you are in face of challenges.  If you want to maximise the benefits.  There are some scenarios that you must take no excuses.

  • Skipping the days when the weather is very COLD?  [Goggins]  Then why the hell you are taking Cold Shower? The true training moments are there waiting for you.
  • Another scenario:  Skipping when you are sick. We all have some days not feeling well. If you takes these as an excuse, then your willpower is limited. This is, instead, the best moment for training your mental toughness/willpower. [Goggins] The best days to take Cold Shower is the days that you are sick.  Motherf**ker!


As a normal human, we take showers everyday.  Everyday, you have two choice:

To the Left (Comfort), or to the Right (Pain)?


This is your choice.  I understand that not everyone is hardcore dude.  So this video is entirely my personal experience sharing.  You should think independently by yourself.  If you are really interested, please research some more related information and manual first and take it gradually.  Note that, not everyone is suitable for taking Cold Shower.  You have take responsibility of yourself.

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