3 YouTube Tips for Gains – Never Miss A Good Video!

Today, I will share with you a few YouTube Tips and help you to make better gains from it.

For your information, most views are coming from Browsing Feature on Home Page.  That means, what YouTube recommended, you watched.


#1 Be an Active learner, not passive one.

In other words, do SEARCH directly or watch directly in the channel page where you find valuable.  Instead of just watch those YouTube recommended.

Basically, YouTube makes use of your browsing history to analyse your behaviour and recommend the related videos to you.  And yes, all the videos recommended are filtered by YouTube Algorithm, and are not what you search for.

  • If YouTube recommends good videos & channels to you,  Then it will be beneficial to you.
  • But it recommends scam video/channel to you, then you will be poisoned.

Even if you have subscribed the good channels, it doesn’t mean YouTube will place their videos on your Home page.  YouTube has a ranking system & algorithm which are quite different from your perspective.  What you think doesn’t mean anything to YouTube.  Good videos/channels cannot be found in Trend/Hot videos.  They can be found by past experience you have watched  and feel useful & suitable.  We should directly check out their channel videos instead of waiting to be shown on your Home page for you to click.


#2 Use “Watch Later” function.

As mentioned earlier, most views come form Browsing Feature on Home Page.  But some thumbnails/videos will stick for longer even if you have refreshed.  But some just show 1-2 times.  Even if you find it interesting,but you doesn’t click and watch it right away,  it will disappear and be gone forever.  You can’t even remember their existence afterwards.  So when you are browsing,  For those videos you are interested, please make ensure that you have saved them in your “Watch Later” list.  Watch them when you are free.

This function is very useful, especially for those channels that you don’t watch regularly.  As these videos/channels will not occupy your Home page for long.  So save it before it is too late.  Watch it later.


#3 Manage Your Profile/History.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube will analyse your history and to predict your behaviour and recommend the videos that are attractive to you.  Let’s say, you watch Fitness videos all the time on YouTube.  But you just want to relax for some days and start binge-watching entertaining videos for fun.  Movie, TV shows, Music etc.  As your recent behaviour are on the “entertaining” type, YouTube will then recommend more of these to you.  So soon or later, you will watch more and more entertaining videos, and start to forget what is your primary goals (Fitness).  So, how to prevent this from happening?

Very simple.  First, when you want to watch entertaining videos, just watch less time & less videos.  Or, you can still watch.  But only after you have logged out your account or using Incognito/private mode.  Then it will be fine.

Our goal is not to erase some browsing history, but to keep our profile clean by not letting short-term browsing history interrupt it,  because it may cause Youtube recommend some SCAM videos to tempt and poison us.  Remember: Internet/YouTube is just a tool we use to help us,  Not the other way around.


Finally, I hope this video helps.

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